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Cayman Islands Weather in June

Cayman Islands weather in June
Grand Cayman’s average high temperature and rainfall in June. © 2021 Scott S. Bateman

The Cayman Islands is the place to go in June for hot Caribbean weather.

Grand Cayman is the dominant island and has a hugely popular cruise port at Georgetown. It is a common port of call for western Caribbean cruises.

The island historically is one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean, and June is no exception. But anyone thinking about going to Grand Cayman that month should know the risk of rain is higher then.

Cayman Temperatures

The average high temperature for Grand Cayman in June is 92 degrees Fahrenheit or 33 Celsius, according to historical records from the National Meteorological Service of the Cayman Islands. The average low temperature is 74 Fahrenheit or 23 Celsius.

This video explains Caribbean weather in June and which islands are the best and worst to visit for weather.
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The average high usually is during the day, and the average low usually takes place at night. Seawater temperatures hover about midway between those high and low air temperatures. So they are comfortable and sometimes balmy for swimmers.

Grand Cayman’s average high in June of 92 Fahrenheit is typical for the island from May through November.

It may be hot, but the rainfall is a risk.

Cayman Rainfall

The island averages about six inches of rain historically during the month. It is the second month of the annual rainy season that begins in May and goes through November. The rainy season is part of the Caribbean hurricane season.

In contrast, the dry season is January through April when average rainfall is less than two inches a month. This dry season is the most popular time to visit the island for cruises.

The dry season has about 10 days with rain each month. June averages 16.

Vacationers who can travel only during the summer because of jobs or kids in school will find that June or July is better than August for the risk of rain.

Total rainfall and the number of days with rain begins climbing in August until reaching the high point of the year in September and October. Rainfall then averages about eight inches a month.

• Grand Cayman weather in

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June 13, 2018

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