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Cozumel Cruise Port Profile

A Cozumel cruise visit is a chance to see one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico.

Cozumel Tourist Attractions

Playa del Carmen Cozumel's best attractions include jungles, Mayans and snorkeling among its famous reefs.

Cozumel Travel Information

Find out why Cozumel is the second most popular cruise destination in the entire Caribbean.

Best Local Beaches

Cozumel beach Cozumel beaches provide easy access to underwater paradises for swimmers, divers and snorkelers.

Cozumel Weather in May

Cozumel in May has the first hints of rainy days ahead.

Best Times to Visit Cozumel

Beach sceneCozumel tourism skyrockets during one part of the year and plunges during another part for a few simple reasons.

Family Vacations

Families that dock at Cozumel will have a chance to discover ancient ruins, multiple different shopping areas, a ton of different excursions, and some gorgeous beaches.

Weather Forecast

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Car Rentals

Cozumel car rentals make sense for anyone visiting the island for a week or more. For cruise visitors, it is a different story.

Cozumel’s Average Weather

Cozumel cruise ship See Cozumel's average weather including a rainfall and temperature chart.
Cozumel weather in: January, February, March, May, October, November, December

Passport Requirements

U.S. citizens entering Mexico must show any official U.S. identification, but they are not required to have a passport. But they must show a passport when they re-enter the U.S.

Local Restaurants

See a complete list of restaurants around the island. Submit a business listing.

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