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Martinique Cruise Port Tips

Martinique cruise The Martinique cruise port at Fort-de-France may feel the most French of any Caribbean port.

Martinique Cruise Beaches

Grande Anse des Salines See Martinique beaches including photos and descriptions of some of the best to visit.

Martinique Vacation Tips

Martinique beach vacations fall into the category of Caribbean islands that Hollywood loves.

Martinique Tourist Attractions

Attractions include Fort-de-France and the ruined St. Pierre, destroyed by a volcano in 1902.

Fort-de-France Walking Tour

Schoelcher library Fort-de-France visitors will find it does not have quite the same flash as other Caribbean cruise ports.

Best Martinique Shore Excursions

Martinique's shore excursions center around the island's dense rainforests and unique French-Creole culture.

Best Times to Visit Martinique

Martinique is one the most popular islands in the Caribbean, but only during certain months of the year.

Weather Forecast

Popular Restaurants

Visitors to Martinique don't have to dive too deep to find a great meal. This tiny Caribbean island features sophisticated dining restaurants, fun beach bars and lively night spots.

Passport Requirements

U.S. citizens require passports to travel to Martinique, but visas are generally not required for visitors planning to remain for up to 90 days.
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