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Popular Martinique Restaurants

Martinique restaurants
© Luc Olivier for the Martinique Tourist Board

Visitors to Martinique don’t have to dive too deep to find a great meal. This tiny Caribbean island features sophisticated dining restaurants, fun beach bars and lively night spots.

Five of the most popular restaurants on Martinique share a love of fine French and Creole food, featuring both classic and modern fusion preparations.

1. Chez Carole

Chez Carole takes advantage of this mix, specializing in what might be the island’s best Creole cuisine. Dishes here include their signature codfish fritters, deep fry the salty fish with freshly ground spices. Visitors feast on the special entrées such as their coconut chicken and stewed octopus.

2. Le Petitbonum

Le Petitbonum is a beach bar that serves as the French-Creole fare on Martinique’s western Caribbean coast. Chef Guy Ferdinand has been serving tasty dishes to guests in a relaxed and easy going atmosphere.

Popular choices include the island’s ubiquitous “ti punch” (two or three fingers of Martinican white rum, complete with a squeeze of fresh lime and bit of sugar), magret de canard and various selections of fried seafood.

3. Le Belém

Le Belém is a white tablecloth, sophisticated restaurant and bar that will easily remind diners that Martinique is indeed a part of France.

The bar is known for its attentive service, striking black and white photographs and nightly live music. Entertainment ranges from the sounds of steel drums to an elegant jazz duo.

Le Belém’s popular dishes range from freshly grilled lobster to an extensive list of finest wines and Martinican rums. 

4. Le Zandoli

Le Zandoli, is more than just a restaurant but a sleek design suite filled with hand-picked modern art and a bold color palettes that create a rather intriguing atmosphere.

Curiously named after the Creole word for gecko, Le Zandoli brings French chef Phillipe Mollé‘s training to the tables of unsuspecting guests.

Le Zandoli prides itself on fine dining, including three-star, three-course menus serving up such choices as chilled gazpacho with salty bacon, beef filet with chanterelles and perfectly set passion fruit flan. 

5. Le Francois at L’Ilet Oscar

Le Francois at L’Ilet Oscar is tucked away in a lagoon called Josephine’s Bathtub and is accessible only by boat.

This creates a unique, private-island atmosphere suitable for romantics looking for a private and quiet getaway. Adding to this atmosphere is the antique furniture and barstools made from old rum barrels.

Choices typically include a variety of French and Creole dishes including goat soup, fish fillet or roast chicken served with white rice or funchi.

Beyond this, imagine an easy-going staff strolling around in flip flops, giving guests that homey feel. Indeed, it is this spontaneous approach that Le Francois at L’Ilet Oscar uses to match the island’s own graceful rhythm.

Yes, for a truly unique dining experience, visit any of the restaurants mentioned here. Moreover, bring a heightened level of expectancy as beyond doubt, Martinique will not disappoint.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.
February 17, 2020