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Barbados Cruise Port Tips

Barbados beach Cruise visitors may be disappointed at their first glimpse of Barbados. But it gets much better.

What to See in Bridgetown

Barbados photo Bridgetown Barbados is among the most cosmopolitan of the Caribbean’s cities.

Barbados Attractions

Barbados festival Barbados tourist attractions include Bridgetown Harrison's Cave and swimming with sea turtles.

Best Times to Visit Barbados

The best time of year to visit Barbados is during the dry season from January through May.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave in Barbados is an extensive stream cave system that is about two miles long -- at least the parts that have been discovered and explored.

Barbados Average Weather

Average Barbados weather maintains an annual high temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, average low of 75 degrees and monthly rainfall of 3.9 inches.

Swimming with Sea Turtles

Barbados sea turtle Swimming with sea turtles in Barbados is one the best snorkeling excursions in the Caribbean.

Best Beaches

Crane Beach is the most famous, while Brandons Beach is nearest the cruise port.

Weather Forecast

Barbados Travel Information

Cruise visitors will first see a plain harbor. But the island is full of great experiences.

St. Nicholas Abbey Visitor Tips

St. Nicholas Abbey in northern Barbados is a 350-year-old Jacobean plantation house, syrup factory and rum distillery.

Flower Forest Visitor Tips

Flower Forest Botanical Gardens in Barbados is a 54-acre preserve overlooking Chalky Mount and the east coast of the island.

More Barbados Travel Tips

Local Restaurants

See a complete list of restaurants around the island. Submit a business listing.