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Alaska Cruise Planning Tips

Glacier Bay Alaska The best Alaska cruise tips center around weather, time of year and things to do.

Best Time to Cruise to Alaska

Best time to cruise to Alaska The best time to cruise Alaska depends on both warm temperatures and a lower risk of rain.

Alaskan Cruises Embrace Nature

Anguilla photo Alaskan cruises provide thousands of miles of glaciers, mountains and wildlife.

Alaska Cruise Photo Tips

Anyone with a camera will find that an Alaska cruise has plenty of photographic opportunities, both on the ship and off it.

Should You Go on an Alaskan Cruise?

An Alaska cruise ranks among the most popular cruise options in the world. But is it a good choice for everyone?

Things to Do Aboard an Alaskan Cruise Ship

Passengers view Glacier Bay aboard their Alaska cruise ship. Weather is a major factor in things to do on board ship in between Alaska cruise ports.

Seward Cruise Port Tips

Boaters view Kenai Fjord glacier up close The small town of Seward often is the end port for many cruises to Alaska. But it makes up for its small size with big excursions.

Juneau Cruise Port Tips

Juneau cruise port Juneau, the capital city of Alaska, is huge. But it’s huge only in land and not in population.

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Vancouver Cruise Port Tips

Canada Place cruise terminal Canada Place cruise terminal in Vancouver is the starting point for many Alaskan cruises.

Skagway Cruise Port Tips

Skagway Alaska downtown Nearly 1 million people visit the Skagway Alaska cruise port every year. Yet the town has a year-round population of only 900 people.

Ketchikan Cruise Port Tips

Ketchikan is known as Alaska’s “first city” because it is the first city cruise ships reach when they travel north.

Alaska Cruise Destinations

Alaska cruise ship Alaska cruise destinations line up in a tidy and convenient row along the Pacific Northwest coast.