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Alaska Cruise Planning Tips

Glacier Bay Alaska The best Alaska cruise tips center around weather, time of year and things to do.

Best Time to Cruise to Alaska

Best time to cruise to Alaska The best time to cruise Alaska depends on both warm temperatures and a lower risk of rain.

Alaskan Cruises Embrace Nature

Anguilla photo Alaskan cruises provide thousands of miles of glaciers, mountains and wildlife.

Hubbard Glacier Visitor Tips

Hubbard Glacier is one of the most famous sights of all scenic cruising by Alaska cruise ships.

Alaska Flightseeing Tours

Alaska flightseeing excursions are an exciting way of seeing the grandness and beauty of Alaska from the air.

Alaska Interior Cruise Tours

Cruises to Alaska aren’t always limited to just to the ports of call. Some cruise lines offer extended tours of the Alaska interior.

Anchorage Cruise Port Tips

Anchorage is the beginning or end for most Alaska cruises, but ships don’t actually begin or end there.

Dogsledding Excursions

Alaska is famous for dog sledding, and cruise visitors can try it themselves. Yes, cruise visitors to Alaska can go dog sledding, but not necessarily on snow.