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Bermuda Cruise and Beach Guide

Bermuda Cruise Port Tips

A Bermuda cruise is definitely for people who want to enjoy a restful peace on quiet islands.

Best Time to Go to Bermuda

Bermuda photo The best time to visit Bermuda is July through September for beaches and warm weather.

Bermuda Beach Vacation Tips

Bermuda is not a Caribbean destination proper, but it has many of the same qualities.

Best Local Beaches

Bermuda beaches For beach lovers looking for the wonderful mix of sun, sand, sea and wonderful people, they need look no further.

Getting Around Bermuda

<bermuda transportation Bermuda offers several forms of transportation to its visitors. Car rentals, however, is not one of them.

Best Bermuda Attractions

Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda Bermuda attractions include historic forts, homes, churches and the Royal Navy Dockyard.

St. George’s Bermuda

St. George's harbor St. George's Bermuda will reward vacationers and cruise visitors with a taste of the island's history.

Weather Forecast

Hamilton Bermuda Visitor Tips

Hamilton Bermuda is a difficult city to avoid while vacationing on this cluster of islands that lie east of North Carolina.

Average Monthly Weather

See the historical temperatures and rainfall for Bermuda by month so you can plan your vacation around good weather.
- Bermuda weather in January, February, March, April, October, November, December

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