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Bermuda Travel Guide

Bermuda Cruise Port Guide

A Bermuda cruise is definitely for people who want to enjoy a restful peace on quiet islands.

Best Times to Go to Bermuda

Bermuda photo
The best time to visit Bermuda is July through September for beach lovers who want warm weather.

13 Best Bermuda Tourist Attractions

Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda
Top Bermuda tourist attractions include historic forts, churches and a famous dockyard.

Best Beaches in Bermuda

Bermuda beaches Several good beaches are near the Bermuda cruise ports. One is walkable, the others are not.

How to Get Around Bermuda

bermuda transportation Bermuda offers several forms of transportation to its visitors. Car rentals is not one of them.

St. George’s Bermuda Tour

St. George's harbor St. George's Bermuda will reward vacationers and cruise visitors with a taste of the island's history.

Hamilton Bermuda Shore Excursion

Front Street, Hamilton Hamilton Bermuda attractions include Fort Hamilton and Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

Monthly Weather Averages

Bermuda monthly rainfall See the average weather for Bermuda by month so you can plan for good times to go.

• Bermuda weather in January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December

Bermuda Beach Vacation Guide

Bermuda is not a Caribbean destination proper, but it has many of the same qualities.

Weather Forecast

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Bermuda Botanical Gardens flower bed Bermuda Botanical Gardens is a 36-acre facility with gardens, greenhouses, walking paths and other activities.

Bermuda’s Royal Navy Dockyard

Royal Navy Dockyard Royal Navy Dockyard is a cruise terminal, entertainment complex and major historical site.

5 Top Bermuda Restaurants

Bermuda What's incredible about the Bermuda restaurant scene isn't so much the number or quality of restaurants, but the sheer variety of cuisines.

5 Ways to Tour Bermuda

Bermuda boating Public transportation is one of the best ways to tour Bermuda.

More Bermuda Tips

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