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Guadeloupe Cruise Port

Guadeloupe photo Guadeloupe in the Leeward Islands is getting more traffic from cruise ships in recent years.

Guadeloupe Cruise Beaches

Raisins Clairs beach Most hotels on Guadeloupe are located either directly on a beach or less than 20 minutes away from one.

Top Guadeloupe Attractions

La Grande Soufrière Guadeloupe has some of the most active volcanoes and highest waterfalls in the Caribbean.

When to Visit Guadeloupe

The best months to visit Guadeloupe are January through March during the dry season.

Tourism Video

See this video from the Guadeloupe Islands Tourism Bureau.

Monthly Weather Averages

See Guadeloupe climate by month including historical temperatures and rainfall so you can plan your vacation around good weather.

Passport Requirements

U.S. citizens require passports to travel to Guadeloupe, but visas are generally not required.

Weather Forecast

5 Restaurants in Guadeloupe

With a multiplicity of bistros and restaurants, Guadeloupe stands out as an illustrious Caribbean destination in terms of cuisine.

Car Rentals

Guadeloupe has several forms of transportation available to tourists, including buses, ferries, and car rentals.

Guadeloupe Vacation Tips

Guadeloupe photo Guadeloupe is not known for beach vacations, but it quietly attracts plenty of tourists anyway.