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Martinique Average Weather and Climate

Martinique beach weather
Martinique receives higher rainfall, but beach weather is often good in the late spring. ©: Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme
Martinique’s average weather makes the island lush, green and beautiful. But rain also makes some months better for visiting than others.

This is a place for quiet, long-term vacations. Most Caribbean destinations get a combination of visits from cruise ships and "stopover" vacationers. More than five times as many people come to Martinique for a stopover vacation than from cruises.

The southern Caribbean island, a territory of France, is famous for its landscape, beaches, dining and culture. Martinique's climate helps make the island beautiful, and the weather also impacts the best times to go.

Average Martinique Temperatures

Martinique Climate Chart
MonthMean Temperature oFRainfall (mm) Rain Days
Daily Min.Daily Max.
The island has an average high monthly temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or upper 20s Celsius, according Meteo France. It has an average low of 73 Fahrenheit or low 20s Celsius.

Martinique temperatures don't change much each month. The average highs reach 87 degrees in September and drop to 83 degrees in January and February.

The island has some of the most predictable temperatures in the Caribbean. But it doesn’t have the most predictable rainfall.

Average Rainfall

Rainfall is far more variable than temperatures. Martinique is one of the wettest islands in the Caribbean.

The island receives a total of 76 inches during the year, which is five times higher than the arid Aruba. It also rains an average of 17 days a month.

February through April receive about 3.6 inches of rain and 14 rain days per month. Rainfall spikes in July to eight inches and keeps climbing until it exceeds 10.6 inches in October.

It has about 20 days of rain from July through October.

Favorite months to visit Martinique are January through April, July and December, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization. The least favorite months are May, June and September through November.

Despite the popularity of July, it is not an ideal month to visit Martinique because of higher rainfall. Ideal times to go are January through May. June and December have higher rainfall, but not nearly as much as July through November.

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