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Best Martinique Beaches for Cruise Visitors

Grande Anse des Salines
Grande Anse des Salines is the most famous beach on Martinique. Credit: Wikimedia public domain
Cruise visitors to Martinique will find Grande Anse des Salines, the island’s most famous beach, is a one-hour drive from the Fort-de-France cruise port.

Some cruise lines offer an excursion to La Pointe Marin beach on the southeast coast of the island. It also is a one-hour drive. Another cruise excursion is Anse DuFour, which is 45 minutes from the port.

So the best beaches require some travel time. But there are a few beaches near the Fort-de-France cruise port that require a shorter ride by taxi or rental car. Unfortunately, their size and quality may not make them as appealing as Grande Anse des Salines.

The gray sand Plage de l'Anse Madame is three miles northeast of the cruise docks. Fond Bouncer is 20 minutes north of Fort-de-France.

Visitors with a little more time may want to go south 45 minutes around Fort-de-France Bay to a cluster of nicer beaches such as Anse DuFour mentioned above.They also include Anse Mitan, Anse Noire and Grande Anse d’Arlets.

Anyone really desperate or short on time will find a tiny brown-sand beach just to the right of the cruise docks and in front of Fort Saint Louis.

More About Martinique Beaches

The majority of the best Martinique beaches lie along the southwest to southern Caribbean coast of the island.

A few remote beaches are on the northern Caribbean and Atlantic side coasts.

Black sand is common in the volcanic northern part of the island. Popular black sand beaches include Le Carbet and Le Prêcheur.

Southern Coast

The beaches along the southern Caribbean coast are protected by coral barrier reefs, which makes swimming there more secluded.

Grande Anse des Salines is the best known beach in Martinique. It is often listed as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Amenities include snack and refreshment bars.

Waters are calm. Note that topless sunbathing is common, which is normal for French beaches.

Other favorites include Anse Ceron, Grande Anse d' Arlet and especially Grande Anse du Diamant.

Northwest and Atlantic Coasts

Anse Couleuvre on the northwest coast offers two shaded beaches that are boxed in by large cliffs.

Atlantic Coast beaches are more secluded and less crowded. One of the best is Cap Chevalier. Farther north are more options on the Caravelle Peninsula.

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