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Curacao Weather in October

Count on Curacao to deliver far better weather than just about any destination in the Caribbean, except for its nearby cousins of Aruba and Bonaire.

The ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela are famous and popular for their arid climates, numerous sunny days and the fact that they largely escape the worst of the Caribbean hurricane season.

But that doesn't mean they escape from any bad weather. It's just that their idea of bad weather is not the same as elsewhere.

Otherwise, visitors to Curacao will probably find that this former Dutch colony is often filled with sunny skies and fewer clouds on many days of their visits.

Average Rainfall

Curacao Weather Stats

Avg. High
89 degrees F
Avg. Low
79 degrees F
Rain Inches
Curacao weather in October starts with an understanding that the average rainfall is the third highest of the year, only after November and December.

But the average rainfall in October over a 30-year history is only 3.3 inches, according to the Meteorological Department of Curacao.

That compares well to the six, eight and sometimes more than 10 inches that drench other destinations in October, which is the second most active month of the hurricane season.

It even compares favorably to many places during normal rainfall months.

Another way to judge the amount of rain that falls is the average number of days that it rains each month.

In the case of Curacao, the average historical rain days is only 7.4, again quite low compared to other destinations.

Average Temperatures

Staying warm will not be a problem. Curacao temperatures average a high of 89 degrees Fahrenheit and 32 Celsius.

The average lows, mainly at night, are 79 degrees Fahrenheit and 26 degrees Celsius.

As a result of these warm temperatures, seawater remains comfortable for swimming throughout most of the day, averaging 83 degrees Fahrenheit and 28 degrees Celsius.

These temperatures are only slightly lower than the averages during the summer. Curacao sees only small swings in average temperatures throughout the entire year.

Should I Go to Curacao in October?

The answer is yes if October is the best available month for someone's Caribbean vacation based on work schedule or other factors.

The odds of good weather are high enough that travelers will probably experience only modest amounts of rainfall and almost certainly experience warm temperatures.

But historical averages only help with what to expect. They can't guarantee future weather, so plan accordingly. If another month is available for travel (except for November and December when it rains more), it would be better to go then.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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February 17, 2020
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