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Cozumel Weather in January: Temperatures

Cozumel weather in January
Cozumel weather in January. © 2016 Scott Bateman
Cozumel must be a great place to go in January because the weather is warm, sunny and dry.

But that doesn’t mean the beaches and swimming will be warm.

Mexico’s largest island is one of the most popular destinations on western Caribbean cruises from January through April.

That period is the dry season for Cozumel and other stops on western cruises such as Jamaica, Roatan and Grand Cayman.

The average temperatures in Cozumel during January look invitingly warm, but they also can be deceiving.

Temperatures in January

The average high temperature in Cozumel during January is 84 degrees Fahrenheit and 29 degrees Celsius, according to historical data from the World Weather Organization

Jamaica December Weather Stats

Avg. High
84 degrees F
Avg. Low
67 degrees F
Rain Inches
So far so good. That means the daytime temperatures will be comfortable enough for shorts and T-shirts.

The average low temperature is 67 degrees F and 19 degrees C.

That average low temperature takes place at night, and it is low enough to make water cool for swimming during the morning in particular.

If the trade winds are strong enough, the wind chill factor will make swimming even cooler and sometimes too uncomfortable.

Ocean waters will warm up again as the sun and air temperatures rise, but there will be times when the trade winds will make swimming uncomfortable for most and sometimes even the entire day.

Those of us who have visited the area even in February have found the wind chill factor cool enough to keep people out of the water.

Rain in January

Despite the cooler waters, Cozumel is popular in January partly because people want to get away from the winter up north and partly because January is the start of the island’s dry season.

Cozumel receives heavy amounts of rain during the Caribbean hurricane season, especially in September and October. It also clearly receives above average rainfall for a Caribbean destination during most other months of the year.

January is the start of that dry season with an average total rainfall for the month of about three inches, according to the World Weather Organization.

Rainfall declines even more in February through March, but the total rain in January is among the lowest of the year for Cozumel and similar to many other Caribbean destinations.

Another way of looking at the risk of rain is the average number of days it rains each month.

For Cozumel in January, the average rain days is nine. Again, that total is not nearly as good as the average of only four in March and April. But it is still low for the Caribbean.

Although January is not the best month for weather in Cozumel, it is much better than the rain that pounds the island later in the year.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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January 16, 2015

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