Cruise and Beach Destinations
in the Caribbean, Mexico & Beyond
Weather Cruise and Beach Guide

Eastern Caribbean Weather Tips

See eastern Caribbean weather forecasts and current conditions for each major destination.

Western Caribbean Weather Tips

Cozumel beach See western Caribbean weather forecasts for every major destination including 10-day outlooks.

Southern Caribbean Weather Tips

Aruba beach Southern Caribbean weather is attractive most of the year because of steady warmth.

Caribbean Weather Travel Tips

Hurricane Season Tips

Caribbean hurricane season Th Caribbean September historically is the worst month of the season for hurricane risk.

Hottest and Coldest Months

Seven Mile Beach See Caribbean temperatures for each month of the year for many major destinations.

Caribbean Monthly Weather

See monthly weather charts for major destinations in the Caribbean. Know when to go.

Rainy Season

Tropical Storm EmilyThe Caribbean clearly has a dominant rainy season, but it also has several smaller rainy seasons as well.

Climate and Temperatures

See Caribbean climate and temperatures by month with average temperatures and rainfall.

Caribbean Weather By Month

The Caribbean in February

Caribbean weather in February is near the end of cooler temperatures and also in the dry season.

The Caribbean in January

Caribbean weather in January offers a warm escape from cold northern winters.

The Caribbean in December

Caribbean weather in December takes a break from the bad weather of the previous three months.

The Caribbean in November

Caribbean weather in November is better than October. But in some places, not by much.

Caribbean Weather in October

Caribbean weather in October is really, really wet. But at least it’s not as wet as September.

The Caribbean in September

Ugh. That's probably the best word to describe Caribbean weather in September.

The Caribbean in August

See average weather in August for major destinations including temperatures and rainfall.

Caribbean Weather in July

Caribbean weather in July brings more heat and a higher risk of rain from the annual hurricane season.

Caribbean Weather in June

Caribbean weather in June is a time of moderate rainfall among the islands and the major Mexican destinations facing the Caribbean sea.

Caribbean Weather in May

Caribbean weather in May gets warmer, but some locations have a brief rainy season.

Caribbean Weather in April

Caribbean weather in April is so good that it's one of the most popular months of the year for a vacation.

March in the Caribbean

Caribbean weather in March is nearly ideal for western and southern Caribbean cruises.
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