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St. Maarten Weather in May: Rain, Temperatures

St. Maarten weather in May
Average high temperture and rainfall for St. Maarten in May. © 2021 Scott S. Bateman

St. Maarten in May normally has a brief rainy season much like other Caribbean.

But calling it a rainy season is a bit overboard. St. Maarten weather in May has average rainfall of nearly four inches and an average high temperature of 87 degrees.

This warm island in the southeastern Caribbean is a popular cruise and overnight destination because of the cruise port at Philipsburg and famous beaches such as Orient Bay and Great Bay.

St. Maarten Temperatures in May

The average high temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit or about 31 Celsius is only a few degrees below the high point of the year during the summer.

The average low temperature is 77 Fahrenheit or 25 Celsius. The average St. Maarten water temperature in May is 81 Fahrenheit or 27 Celsius, which is warm enough for swimming throughout the day.

On some days, temperatures in May can rise into the low 90s Fahrenheit.

Rainfall in May

The total rainfall increases only one inch from April and is slightly above the average for the year.

The island’s rainfall ranges from a low point of two inches in February and March to a high point of six inches in November. The monthly average over the course of the year is three inches.

It rains 10 days on average during May, according to Meteo Curacao, which tracks climate for all islands in the Netherlands Antilles. The number of days with rain is below average for the year and below average for many other Caribbean islands.

Tourism in May

St. Maarten attractions 500,000 overnight visitors and 2 million cruise visitors, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

May tourism is less than the most popular months to visit the island, which are December through April.

May is one of the better months to visit St. Maarten for smaller crowds, warmer temperatures and number of days with rain. It is a below average month for total rainfall.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
April 29, 2021