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St. Maarten Weather in January - Temperatures and Rainfall

Visitors to St. Maarten will find that weather in January is warm enough and dry enough that the risk of bad weather is low.

St. Maarten is a beautiful Caribbean island that is shared by two cultures, the Dutch and the French.

It is a popular destination for travelers including southern and eastern Caribbean cruise ships.

The following statistics are based on a 30-year history and will vary somewhat from year to year.


January Weather Stats

Avg. High
83 degrees F
Avg. Low
74 degrees F
Rain Inches
Rain Days
From January to December there is little change between the maximum and minimum temperatures of the island.

When it comes to temperatures, there really is no bad time to go to St. Maarten, as the weather is warm throughout the year.

Due to its close location to the equator, it stays warm year-round with some rainstorms in between. The hottest months are July-September and the coldest are December-February.

Although January is part of the colder months, the weather is not cold by any means.

The average seawater temperature is about 79 degrees, so swimming will be comfortable.


This island receives 3.4 inches of monthly rainfall, on average. January has an average of 3 inches for the month and that continues until fall, when the average gets a bit higher.

Rainy days are sporadic in January but there are 11 rainy days on average for the month. Wind is also persistent in January at 87 percent of the time.

Whether to Go

St. Maarten is a wonderful place to visit in January, especially for its amazing weather. The most popular months of travel are March and April because of warm temperatures and low chance of rain.

With the highest temperatures reaching the high 80s and the lows in the mid 70s, the odds of good weather are high for anyone visiting this island in January.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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January 18, 2013

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