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Cabo San Lucas Monthly Weather Averages

Cabo San Lucas beach
Cabo San Lucas has good beach weather in spring and summer.

Cabo San Lucas monthly weather has average daytime temperatures ranging from the high 70s Fahrenheit in the winter to low 90s in the summer.

Rainfall ranges from less than one inch during the dry season to more than three inches in the rainy season.

This Mexican Riviera city on the southern tip of Baja California is a major cruise port and resort destination. It is one of the top three ports for Mexican Riviera cruises along with Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.

Cabo San Lucas is popular in part because it has a warm and dry climate for most of the year. But the monthly weather averages for Cabo show that winter has less appeal for beach goers than summer because of cooler temperatures.

What makes Cabo San Lucas rare among tropical cruise ports is the low amount of rain it has on average every year.

verage Monthly Rainfall

Unlike Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta, Cabo does not have the same high risk of rain during the Pacific hurricane season. The season runs from mid May to the end of November.

Historically, Cabo averages less than one inch of rain each month from November through July every year, according to Mexico’s national meteorology service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional). Rainfall climbs to about two to three inches a month from August through October.

Even better is how often it rains, which is not much. It averages only one day a month from October through July and about three days a month in August and September.

Average Monthly Temperatures

Cabo San Lucas Climate Chart
MonthMean TemperatureoFTotal Rainfall (mm)Rain Days

Temperatures matter more when planning a vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

Average daytime temperatures are in the upper 70s Fahrenheit or upper 20s Celsius during the winter. They reach the low 90s Fahrenheit or low 30s Celsius in the summer.

The nighttime temperatures make the climate of Cabo San Lucas less appealing to anyone who loves beaches and swimming.

They drop into the mid 50s Fahrenheit or low teens Celsius during the winter. As a result, seawater will often feel too cold for swimming during the day.

Nighttime temperatures jump into the mid 70s Fahrenheit or mid 20s Celsius during the summer.

These temperatures mean that Cabo San Lucas is attractive in the winter for anyone who wants to escape the cold north. But it’s more attractive in the spring and summer for beach lovers.

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