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Cabo San Lucas Climate

Month Mean Temperature oF Mean Total Rainfall (mm) Mean Number of Rain Days
Jan 54.5 77.2 12.2 1.1
Feb 54.5 79.2 2.0 0.4
Mar 55.6 80.1 0.2 0.1
Apr 58.8 83.7 0.6 0.0
May 62.1 86.0 0.2 0.0
Jun 66.4 88.9 0.0 0.0
Jul 73.0 91.8 13.0 1.1
Aug 75.6 92.5 59.2 3.3
Sep 74.1 91.0 83.7 3.0
Oct 70.3 90.0 37.2 1.4
Nov 62.6 84.0 17.5 0.9
Dec 57.4 79.5 18.9 1.0
Los Cabos has wonderful weather throughout the entire year. Travelers can’t go wrong no matter when they choose to visit.

In the winter months of December, January and February the average high ranges from 77-79 degrees.

As the year continues, the average increases and tops out at 92.5 degrees in the month of August. Spring and autumn seasons range from 80-85 degrees.

Lows in this area can dip down under 60 degrees. The coolest temperatures are in January and February with a low of 54 degrees.

The rest of the year the lows vary between 55 all the way to 75 degrees in the summer months.

Rainfall will vary dramatically depending on the month. The lowest amount of rainfall is from March to May. Winter months average 12-18 inches while summer months can cap out at 83 inches, in September. Luckily, most of the rain comes heavy in a few short days.

The best time of year to travel to Los Cabos would be spring, in the months of March through May. Daytime temperatures will be in the 80’s and rainfall is at its lowest.

Visitors should be warned that Los Cabos could be prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane season is June-November.

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