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Amber Cove Weather in March: Rain, Temperatures

Amber Cove weather in March
Average high temperature and rainfall for Amber Cove in March. © 2022 Scott S. Bateman

Amber Cove cruise visitors will find weather in March is warm during the day, a bit cool at night and also a rather wet.

This private cruise port is on the northern coast of Dominican Republic near Puerto Plata. It was built by Carnival Cruise Line as a port of call for some of the company’s eastern Caribbean cruises.

March is not an ideal time to visit Amber Cove because that month is part of the area’s annual rainy season. But it is better than November through January during the wettest time of the year.

Amber Cove Temperatures

Amber Cove in March has an average high temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 Celsius, according to the country’s National Office of Meteorology.

The average low temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit or about 18 Celsius. These averages are based on 30 years of history.

Daytime temperatures are usually comfortable for land activities. But the cool nighttime temperatures make seawater chilly at times for swimming, especially in the mornings.

Summer temperatures are several degrees warmer on average and better for water excursions.

Amber Cove Rainfall

Unlike most of the Caribbean, Amber Cove has a rainy season in the winter and a dry season during the summer.

The Caribbean hurricane season often brings heavy rains in the late summer and fall, especially in September and October. But the driest months for Amber Cove are June through October.

In March, the average rainfall of five inches is not as good as the two to three inches a month Amber Cove averages during the late summer and early fall. Five inches in March is among the highest rainfalls during the month for most Caribbean destinations.

But it is better than the nine inches the port has in November and December.

Despite the higher total rainfall, Amber Cove doesn’t have rain as often as some other Caribbean destinations. It rains on average about 10 days during March, the National Office of Meteorology says. When it does rain, it often rains heavily.

Temperatures and rain averages show that March is neither the best month nor the worst month to visit Amber Cove. A little luck may bring even better weather.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
March 09, 2022

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