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Havana Cuba Cruise Port

Havana Cuba has jumped into popularity among cruise destinations in the Caribbean for U.S. visitors.

Best Time to Visit Havana

Cuba climate Discover the best time to go to fascinating Havana, the capital of Cuba, and avoid the rainy season.

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Cuba photo Cuba is a typical Caribbean island with palm-fringed shores. But it’s also much more.

Best Times to Visit Cuba

Best times to visit Cuba By virtue of the island’s sub-tropical climate, people travelling to Cuba by cruise or otherwise will have the almost sure luxury of enjoying warm weather all year round.

5 Popular Resorts

Cuban resort beach As far as having the best possible vacation in Cuba is concerned, choosing the right resort is one of the most important, if not most critical decisions.

4 Great Excursions

One of the best ways for cruise visitors to experience Cuba is by way of excursions.

Cuba Travel Information

Today, Cuba is a dream for travelers with its popular cigars, unique events, lively music, beautiful beaches and more.

Weather Forecast

Havana Tourist Attractions

Havana tourist attractions encompass centuries of conquest, war and revolution.

Havana Monthly Weather

Havana's monthly weather has predictable warm for most of the year, but rainfall spikes in June and October.

Car Rental Tips

Cuba car rentals Renting a car in Cuba follows a relatively simple and predictable approach; it's completely straightforward.

5 Best Beaches

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island, so it is not surprise that it has nearly 300 natural beaches.