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Best and Worst Months to Visit Cuba

Best times to visit Cuba
Festive seasons are great times to visit Cuba; © Cuba Tourist Board
By virtue of the island's sub-tropical climate, people travelling to Cuba by cruise or otherwise will have the almost sure luxury of enjoying warm weather all year round, except for the fact that temperatures can vary significantly depending on location at certain times of the year.

As such, depending on one's time of arrival, the guarantee of beach weather may not be present.

Here, we discuss the various conditions at different times of the year in Cuba as well as propose a timeframe as to the best periods to visit the Caribbean's largest island.

Cuban Summer

Like the rest of the Caribbean, summer in Cuba lasts from June to August. As one would expect, these are the hottest months, so much so that even Cubans find it intense. Typical temperatures normally extend from a low of 36 degrees Celsius to a high of 39 degrees Celsius.

Coupled with the high humidity, the heat can become a bit unpleasant. Soaring temperatures are often a marked problem in Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

Still, the warmth ensures that summer is the most joyous time of the year in Cuba. There are numerous festivals held across the island as well as huge carnivals held in various cities.

For the reasons mentioned above, summer is also tourist high season because it coincides with the holiday season in Europe. Because of this, it's smart to book flights and accommodation outside the summer period.

During the summer, rain usually falls in short afternoon bursts, which can be a pleasant relief from the heat.

The Hurricane Season

The hurricane season in Cuba lasts from July to September. On average, these months feature more rain than others. Further, the likelihood of tropical storm activity is increased.

Still, Cuba ensures that precautionary measures are taken every year to lessen the effects of cyclone activity. The island is always well prepared with organised crisis agencies and relief management systems.

For those looking to book tours and other activities during this period, it's important to realise that hurricanes could disrupt the normal travel itinerary.

Cuban Winter

Cuban winter months are typically cool and not necessarily cold. The months of December to January are considered winter as temperatures vary from a low of 20 degrees Celsius to a high of 25 degrees Celsius. Most days during this period, though are sunny and dry.

Sometimes, cold fronts can make their way down from North America, lowering temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius. Still, the winter months are excellent for travel to Cuba, as along with the cool weather, the island features a laid back atmosphere during this period.

Best Times To Visit

Of all the seasons, the best times to visit Cuba are during the festive seasons -- Easter, Christmas, and New Year's. During these periods, the entire island glows with celebrations and true Cuban wonder.

Still, during these periods, hotels, flights, and tours can be booked will ahead of time. Moreover, prices increase drastically for these dates. As such, it's necessary to make travel plans well in advance.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.

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February 14, 2020
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