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Car Rental Tips for Cuban Tourists

Cuba car rentals
Cuba is known for classic cars, but agencies rent modern ones too; © Cuba Tourist Board
Renting a car in Cuba follows a relatively simple and predictable approach; it's completely straightforward. For the uninitiated however, many will end up with a badly maintained or overall poor quality vehicle.

First, to rent a car in Cuba, the following are needed:

  • A passport
  • A valid driver’s license (not necessarily international)


A refundable Cuban Convertible Peso $200 deposit is required for most companies. Generally, the cheapest cars start at CUC$50 per day and climb to around CUC$70 per day during the high season.

Car Rental Cuba

Car Rental Cuba is an established, professional car rental enterprise in Cuba. Not only do they offer professional services, but a wide array of vehicles as well. Their catalogue includes vehicles ranging from simple Scooters, Taxis, and Micro Buses to premium cars, each with a chauffeur.

The agency boasts a number of financial benefits including no cancellation fees and no booking fees. Their packages are catered depending on whether the client needs it for family, business, vacation, honeymoon, or simply for pleasure. Moreover, they offer cars with driver guides as well.

Car Rental Cuba operates in a wide variety of cities apart from Santiago de Cuba, including Camaguey, Santa Clara and Havana.


CubaCcommodation offers a wide selection of car rental options. Several CubaCcommodation offices are spread strategically over the island such that there is always a car rental office nearby, regardless of where one is located in Cuba. As far as Havana is concerned, travelers can pick up a car at the José Martí International Airport office in Havana. This way, clients can have a Cuban rental car at their disposal from the moment they set foot in Cuba until the time of departure.

Most visitors choose to rent their cars through the website, The transaction is not only convenient, but fast, easy and secure.

Havana Car Hire

Havana Car Hire is a smaller company that features a website, Here, travelers can find a wide selection of cars for hire in and around Havana. The best part is, the vehicles can be returned to any office around Cuba.

It’s important to note that more often than not, the hotel outlets are better bets than the main offices. In Havana, those around Parque Central are often the best places to ask. Try the Plaza, NH Parque Central, Sevilla, Telégrafo and the Inglaterra.

Further, note that contracts for three days or more often allow unlimited kilometers. Also, not all companies rent cars with a full tank, so be mindful of that as well.

Havana is a wonderful city. Not only is it extensive, but quite charming as well. While many people may perceive that its difficult to find quality vehicles in the city, the above agencies will provide great choices that will suit any taste.

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