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The editor and publisher of Caribeez is Scott S. Bateman, a professional journalist with extensive experience as a reporter, editor and online general manager.

He spent 21 years of his career at Cox Enterprises and Media General, two of the largest media companies in the U.S.

Bateman has visited the Caribbean more than a dozen times with more trips planned soon. He has visited nearly every major Caribbean destination, which has resulted in the articles on this Web site.

Bateman launched the first public Web site for Cox Enterprises in 1995 and led the company’s Internet operations at a Seattle TV station, Dayton newspaper and TV station, and Virginia Beach cable operation.

He left Cox for Media General in 2002 and was responsible for all of that company’s 30 Web sites in Virginia.

He left Media General in 2007 to fulfill a longtime goal of launching his own Internet publishing and consulting business.

Recent articles by Scott S. Bateman

Columbia River Cruise Tips

Columbia river cruises aren’t as popular as Mississippi River cruises, but it has a big advantage. - 02/17/20

Mississippi River Cruises

Mississippi river cruises offer a much different experience than ocean cruises. - 02/17/20

Bonaire Cruise Port Tips

The tiny island of Bonaire is a port of call with Panama Canal and southern Caribbean cruises. - 08/26/19

San Juan Cruise Port Tips

San Juan is a major port for southern and western Caribbean cruises. The city's history is unique. - 10/01/20

Alaska Shore Excursion Tips

We have learned the importance of setting a budget for excursions before we go. - 08/21/18

Best Time to Visit Alaska

The best time to cruise Alaska depends on both warm temperatures and a lower risk of rain. - 01/28/20

Amber Cove Cruise Port

Amber Cove, location of the first Jurassic Park movie, has become a major cruise port. - 09/22/20

Best Times to Visit British VI

The most popular months to visit the British Virgin Islands are not the warmest months. - 03/07/20

Limón Costa Rica Cruise Port

The Limón Costa Rica cruise port is an island of humanity surrounded by vast rain forests. - 06/24/20

Puntarenas Cruise Tips

Puntarenas is a common stop on Panama Canal cruises and an ideal eco tourism destination. - 09/10/20

St. Barths Cruise Tips

St. Barths is a paradise for cruise visitors to St. Maarten who take a day trip there. - 05/31/18

Coxen Hole Cruise Port Tips

Roatan is small in size but growing mightily in popularity with western Caribbean cruises. - 10/02/19

Best Times to Visit Argentina

For most people, the best time to visit Buenos Aires and most other places in Argentina is in spring. - 02/17/20

Cartagena Cruise Port

Explore several one-day itineraries for traveling to Cartegena via cruise or otherwise. - 02/17/20

South American Cruise Tips

A South American cruise can last from three days to 66 days. The most common are seven days. - 02/17/20

Bermuda Cruise Port Tips

A Bermuda cruise is definitely for people who want to enjoy a restful peace on quiet islands. - 08/15/19

Tortola Cruise Port Tips

The British Virgin Islands, located in the heart of the Caribbean, are a popular destination for cruise lines. - 08/27/19

St. Barth Beach Vacations

The island known as St. Barts, St. Barth and Saint Barthelemy is small, quiet and beautiful. - 03/19/20

Grand Cayman Cruise Port

The Grand Cayman cruise port is one of the best in the Caribbean for good reason. - 03/14/20

Grand Turk Cruise Port

The Grand Turk cruise port is not in a city like most cruise ports but a cruise center built by Carnival. - 10/13/20

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