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Grand Cayman Beaches Near the Cruise Port

Grand Cayman beach guide

Grand Cayman makes it easy to find the best beaches near the cruise port. One of the biggest and most popular beaches in the Caribbean is within walking distance of the docks.

Beaches on Grand Cayman are public up to the high water mark. It’s good news for the vast number of people who visit the island by cruise ship on western Caribbean cruises.

That means of course the areas above the high water mark belong to resorts, hotels, restaurants and other private property owners.

The odds are good that no one will object if visitors wander above the high water mark. Resorts and hotels are usually glad to accept business from visitors who buy food and beverages from the beachside bars and restaurants.

Cruise visitors will find that the beaches with the fewest crowds require getting there by taxi or rental car.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is the biggest and most famous beach on Grand Cayman. It is a brief walk from the cruise docks and the closest beach to the Grand Cayman cruise port.

It’s often quite crowded, especially near the docks. That’s why some visitors may choose instead to take a taxi, rental car, public bus or excursion bus to get farther away from the docks. Otherwise, they can walk until the crowds get thinner.

Cayman Islands photo
Seven Mile Beach; © Cayman Islands
Department of Tourism

Physically fit cruise visitors can walk about a half mile north of the cruise docks to reach parts of it and a mile north to reach the action.

Most of the resorts and hotels are on Seven Mile Beach, which is often ranked as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

As a result of its size and popularity, Seven Mile is well stocked with restaurants, bars and other public facilities.

A public bus from right by the docks is the least expensive way to get to various points along Seven Mile Beach. It’s a straight shot along North Church Street. To get a taxi, look for a dispatcher near the docks and ask for the current rates (set by the government).

Shore excursion packages that include transportation and amenities also are available. As an example, one tour operator charged $31 per person for a four-hour excursion. The price included a bottle of water and snorkeling equipment.

But there are few shore excursions that “visit” Seven Mile Beach because it is so readily available from the cruise docks on foot or by taxi. Expect to pay about $4 per person one way via taxi. The public bus is $2.50 per person one way.

Public Beach

Cayman Islands photo
Public Beach; © Cayman Islands Dept. of Tourism

Public Beach is a section of Seven Mile Beach that is named for what it offers: public facilities including restrooms, showers, beach huts and water sport shops.

Public Beach is a 10-minute drive from the cruise docks, so plan on getting transportation.

This beach is ideal for cruise ship visitors who want more than just walking from the cruise ship to the crowded southern tip of Seven Mile Beach with limited public facilities.

Governor’s Beach

This beach is on the northern part of Seven Mile Beach and is named after the Governor’s Mansion, which is right next to it.

The beach is about 20 minutes from the docks. It has parking, shaded areas and picnic tables, but no public facilities. However, restaurants and other retailers are located across the street in Governor’s Square plaza.

A rental car or excursion bus are the most budget friendly transportation options.

Rum Point

Rum Point
Rum Point. Credit: Depositphotos

True quiet is available on beaches at the north side of the island, especially Rum Point, which is a 40-minute drive from the docks.

Rum Point has restrooms, a snack bar, huts, hammocks and water sport providers. A few restaurants are nearby.

Like Governor’s Beach, a rental car or excursion bus is the best way to get there.

Other popular beaches include:

  • Spotts Beach
  • Smith Barcadere
  • West Bay Public Beach
  • Cemetery Beach
  • Heritage Beach
  • East End Public Beach
  • Kaibo Beach
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