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Acapulco Beaches

The beaches of Acapulco are among the most popular attractions in the city. Each of them have unique features and they are all worth exploring. The beaches in the main area of Acapulco become very busy in the high season. The outlying beaches are more remote and have fewer visitors.

Quiet Beaches

Pie de la Cuesta- This yellow sand beach stretches for miles on end. There is plenty of room to play sports and sunbathe, but the waters can get rough. Anyone who loves nature will be sure to enjoy this piece of coastline, especially the sunsets.

Roqueta and Marin Beaches- This is a pair of rural, quiet beaches located on a small island of the coast of Acapulco. The only way to get there is by boat, and water taxis are available on the mainland. These beaches offer ultimate relaxation.

Playa Angosta- Also known as “Narrow Beach”, this thin stretch of shoreline sits in between two large cliffs. It is a favorite spot for those that seek to avoid the masses. This is the only beach that shows a full sunset into the Pacific Ocean.

Traditional Beaches

Playas Caleta and Caletilla- These are two of Acapulco’s traditional beaches and favored by the locals. Visitors can enjoy socializing, musicians and drinks. The waters here are very calm, offering a nice area to swim.

Playas Manzanillo and Honda-  Enjoy a pair of two neighboring beaches that are located between downtown and Caleta. Depending on the time of day, the beaches can become quite crowded. Several seafood restaurants are in the area to grab a bite to eat.

Family Beaches

Hornos and Tamarindos Beaches- These two beaches offer more for families with clean sand and calm waters. The sand is lined with tall coconut palms and there is plenty of room for umbrellas and beach blankets.

Playa Puerto Marques and Majahua- Most locals will say these two beaches are the favorite hangouts of the area. The ocean here is calm and clean, where parents and children can frolic in the waves. Several shops and restaurants line the surrounding area.

Sporty Beaches

Icacos Beach- This is a big beach in the Golden Zone of Acapulco. Jet ski rentals can be found up and down the beach for visitors to ride the waves.

Playa Bonfil- Surfers flock to this beach where the waves are called “regional classics”. The surf is fast and strong and the bottom of the ocean is sandy. This beach is best reached by car.