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Dominican Republic weather in April

Dominican Republic weather in April marks the beginning of the island’s warmer season. Temperatures rise in April, and there is little rain.

Regarding weather, April is a good month to visit the Dominican Republic. There are no chances of hurricanes, and the island tends to become less busy than it is in the months of January, February, and March.

Punta Cana Temperatures

April Weather Stats

Avg. High
84 degrees F
Avg. Low
73 degrees F
Rain Inches
Rain Days
Punta Cana is the most popular tourist destination in the Domincan. It is located on the western tip of the island.

Temperatures in Punta Cana vary throughout the year. The warmest months are June, July and August. Temperatures in these months can rise to 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

April temperatures in Punta Cana range between 73 degrees and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average high in Punta Cana in April is 84 degrees. This usually occurs at midday.

The average low temperature in Punta Cana in April is 73 degrees.

Because of Punta Cana’s proximity to the ocean, a light breeze is consistently present, making the temperatures feel slightly cooler than they are.

Punta Cana Rainfall

Punta Cana one of the dryer sections of the island. On average, Punta Cana receives nearly 40 inches of rainfall per year.

Most of this rain occurs during the wet season when the island is likely to be hit by tropical storms or hurricanes.

Between the months of January and April, Punta Cana receives a mere three inches of rainfall per month.

During the month of April, Punta Cana receives rain on an average of 10 days. Most of this rain occurs in the form of a short, passing shower that lasts only a few minutes in duration.

Puerta Plata Temperatures

Puerto Plata is located on the northern side of the island. Typically, it is warmer and wetter than Punta Cana.

Temperatures in Puerto Plata can reach 90 degrees during the warm summer months.

In April, temperatures hover in the mid eighties.

The average high temperature is 86 degrees. The average low temperature is 75 degrees.

Puerta Plata Rainfall

On average, Puerta Plata receives just over four inches of rainfall in April. On average, it rains only 10 days throughout the month.

Most of this rain occurs in the form of a light, passing shower.

Should I Visit the Dominican Republic in April?

April is typically a dry, sunny, and warm month for both Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. There is little rain throughout the island during this month, because it is in the dry season.

April is a good time to visit the Dominican Republic.

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April 16, 2013

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