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Caribbean car rental agencies are typically located at airports, cruise ports and hotels and resorts for most destinations.

Agencies usually will provide pickup and dropoff if a visitor is at a villa, hotel or resort without a nearby agency.

Average Rates
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Rates tend to be highest in the winter, drop in the spring and early summer and drop even more in the fall and early winter.

All rates should include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), but some agencies charge it separately.

Rates vary from one destination to the next.

But a rough guide is about $40-45 a day U.S. dollars for a two-door with automatic transmission, about $50-60 a day for a four-door sedan, about $70-80 a day for a mid-sized to large sedan and up to $100 or more for a minivan.

Some two-doors with standard transmission are available for $30-40.

Cars with prices lower than these often don't include the CDW.

What You Will Need

An international credit card or substantial cash deposit is usually required. Inquire for special rates for rentals of a week or longer.

Be aware of local taxes and surcharges depending on the destination. Examples include:

A few tips based on experience:

Example of When It Makes Sense

On a trip to Riviera Maya, between Cancun and Playa del Carmen near Cozumel, we had to fly into the Cancun airport. The resort had a shuttle service that would cost $50 one way and a taxi would cost more.

We also knew that we wanted to visit Playa del Carmen, which had a good reputation for dining and especially for shopping. It would have required a car rental.

The obvious choice was renting a car at the Cancun airport.

Although it cost more than $200 after taxes, fees and insurance, the total cost was only a little more than renting for one day and paying for the shuttle. And it was more convenient.

What You Need to Rent

The following requirements are common:

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