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St. Kitts Car Rental Companies

A St. Kitts car rental is a good idea for anyone visiting the island because it has a decent number of attractions worth visiting.

But finding the right car rental agency online is more difficult than on most islands because only a few companies have a Web site.


Locations: Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-6507

Bullseye Auto Rental

Locations: 3 minutes from the airport
Telephone: (869) 465-5656

Caines Rent a Car

Locations: Princes Street, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-2366
Web: Not available

Courtest Car Rental

Locations: Wigley Avenue, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-7804
Web: Not available

Delisle Walwyn Auto Rentals

Locations: Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-8449
Web: Not available

EeZee Auto Rental

Locations: Crane Lane, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 663-6399
Web: Not available

G and L Car Rentals

Locations: C A P Southwell Ind'l Site, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 466-8040
Web: Not available

Hanley's Car Rental

Locations: Bird Rock Industrial Extension, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-0545
Web: Not available

Huggins Auto Rentals

Locations: CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-8080
Web: Not available

Sunshine Car Rental

Locations: Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-2193
Web: Not available


Locations: Airport, Basseterre, Charlestown (Nevis)
Telephone: (869) 465-3160

Tropical Car Rental

Locations: Cayon Street, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-4167
Web: Not available

Williams Auto Rental

Locations: Pitcairn Street, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-3977
Web: Not available
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February 17, 2020
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