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St. Kitts Car Rental Tips

St. Kitts Scenic Railway
St. Kitts Scenic Railway. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license

A St. Kitts car rental is a simple choice to make for anyone visiting this eastern Caribbean island by cruise or during a resort vacation.

Unlike most other Caribbean destinations, St. Kitts has only one major road that circles the island. The Mount Liamuiga volcano is so dominant that roads and homes line that coast and not the interior. It’s nearly impossible for anyone visiting the island to get lost while driving.

So if there are few roads, should anyone even bother to rent a car. The answer is, it depends on what they want to do. Whether visiting for a day via cruise or a full week at a hotel, a one-day car rental will give tourists a chance to:

  1. Circle the island for the fun of it.
  2. See island attractions without the time and movement limits of a guided tour.

We did not rent a car during both our cruise and hotel visits. The dominant attraction on the island is the capital city of Basseterre and the nearby cruise port mall.

Otherwise, the next two major attractions are the St. Kitts Scenic Railway and Brimstone Hill Fortress. Most other attractions and excursions are common to Caribbean islands such as snorkeling, a few historical sites and some modest beaches.

More likely, people who rent cars on St. Kitts are using them to go to their hotels and resorts from the airport.

It’s no surprise then that the island doesn’t have many car rental agencies. Finding the right car rental agency online is more difficult than on most islands because only a few companies have a website.


Locations: Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-6507

Bullseye Auto Rental

Locations: 3 minutes from the airport
Telephone: (869) 465-5656

Caines Rent a Car

Locations: Princes Street, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-2366
Web: Not available

Courtest Car Rental

Locations: Wigley Avenue, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-7804
Web: Not available

Delisle Walwyn Auto Rentals

Locations: Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-8449
Web: Not available

EeZee Auto Rental

Locations: Crane Lane, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 663-6399
Web: Not available

G and L Car Rentals

Locations: C A P Southwell Ind’l Site, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 466-8040
Web: Not available

Hanley’s Car Rental

Locations: Bird Rock Industrial Extension, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-0545
Web: Not available

Huggins Auto Rentals

Locations: CAP Southwell Industrial Park, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-8080
Web: Not available

Sunshine Car Rental

Locations: Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-2193
Web: Not available


Locations: Airport, Basseterre, Charlestown (Nevis)
Telephone: (869) 465-3160

Tropical Car Rental

Locations: Cayon Street, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-4167
Web: Not available

Williams Auto Rental

Locations: Pitcairn Street, Basseterre
Telephone: (869) 465-3977
Web: Not available

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
August 04, 2020

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