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Aruba Car Rental Tips

California Lighthouse
California Lighthouse is one of the attractions that car renters can visit. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license

An Aruba car rental allows visitors to discover some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and tourist attractions unique to this “happy island” destination.

An abundant selection of car rental companies is located mainly at the Queen Beatrix International Airport near the popular capital city of Oranjestad.

Aruba Car Rental Agencies

Here is a listing of car rental companies in Aruba. Please note, several of these companies have more than one location on the island.

Toyota Rent-A-Car
3 Locations:
- Camacuri 8, Oranjestad (main office)
- Aruba Beach Club
- Playa Linda Beach Resort
Phone: +297-583-4832
Website: N/A

Economy Car Rental
Location: Bushiri 27, Oranjestad
Phone: +297-583-0200
US Call: 1-866-978-5780

Amigo Car Rental
Location: Schotlandstraat 56, Oranjestad
Phone: +297-583-8833
Website: N/A

3 Locations:
- Schotlandstraat 6, Oranjestad (main office)
- Queen Beatrix Airport
- LaQuinta Beach Resort
Phone: +297-582-0920
US Call: 1-877-461-9913
Web site

Budget Rent A Car
3 Locations:
- Camacuri 10, Oranjestad (main office)
- Queen Beatrix Airport
- L.G. Smith Blvd 370
Phone: +297-582-8600
Web site

Tropic Car Rental
Location: Ayo 5A, Paradera
Phone: +297-585-0405
Web site

Avis Car Rental
2 Locations:
- Bubali 69, Noord (main 0ffice)
- Queen Beatrix Airport:
Phone: +297-587-7202
Web site

American Car and Jeep
3 Locations:
- Kamerlingh Onnestraat 72, Oranjestad (main office)
- Queen Beatrix Airport
- Cruise Terminal
Phone: +297-583-9742
Web site

Royal Car Rental
Location: SabanaLiber 5, Oranjestad
Phone: +297-587-7900
US Call-1-866-978-0965
Web site

Ace Car Rental
Location: Paradera 7, Paradera
Phone: +297-583-0840
US Call: 1-866-978-5191
Web site

Top Drive Car Rental
3 Locations:
- AltoVista 129, Noord (main office)
- Queen Beatrix Airport
- Cruise Terminal, Oranjestad
Phone: +297-587-1729
US Call: 1-866-978-5373
Web site

Value Car Rental
Location: Koyari 30C, Noord
Phone: +297-586-4188
US Call: 1-786-623-0662
Web site

Super Car Rental
Location: Washington 94, Noord
Phone: +297-586-8765
US Call: 1-877-770-7293
Web site

Only about 21 miles long, this island has a land mass of 69 square miles, much of it taken up by Arikok National Park, which has few roads. It means anyone renting a car won’t have much of the island to explore, which they can easily do in one afternoon.

A car rental is more useful for traveling among the shops, restaurants and hotels that line Oranjestad, Palm Beach and Eagle Beach.

Renting a car or jeep gives the visitor the capability to investigate the many hidden treasures created by nature. They include the caves in the Arikok National Park, the Natural Pond and the Ayo Rock Formations near Ayo Village, which is about two miles from the now collapsed Natural Bridge that still attracts many visitors to this day.

These points of interest can generally only be accessed by jeep or 4 wheel drive car, due to the bumpy, rocky terrain, away from the soft sands of the beaches, the shopping areas and hotel districts.

Spending a day at the California Lighthouse, The Butterfly Farm in Palm Beach, or the Ostrich Farm can add memorable experiences to stay with you long after the suntan fades.

It is worth noting that most of the attractions of Aruba lie along the east coast within a short distance of each other. Aruba has a convenient public transportation system, so visitors may use it instead.

Still, renting a car, even if just for a few days, will only enhance the ability to appreciate everything Aruba has to offer.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
October 27, 2021

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