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Bermuda Cruise Port Profile

Carnival Freedom. Source: Wikimedia
Cruising to Bermuda is definitely for those that want to enjoy a little R&R. Bermuda is a small country made of small islands connected by bridges and causeways.

From end to end, the country only measures to be 22 miles long. Tourists can travel from one side to the other in about 1 hour.

Visitors of these islands will enjoy bright blue skies, pink sand beaches, golf courses, museums and historic sites. There are also numerous high-end boutiques and dining options to choose from.

Bermuda is not a vacation for those on a budget. Be prepared to spend some cash when going ashore. Dining and shops are found to be pretty pricey.

These islands are more conservative than the others lying in the Caribbean. Restaurants will have dress codes and the only areas to stroll around in bathing suits are on the beaches.

Parents will be happy to know that Bermuda is a great destination for families with many kid-friendly activities for the little ones. There are many city attractions and the beaches are clean and safe.

No need to worry about a language barrier either, English is spoken everywhere here.

Destinations / Ports of Call

Front Street Hamilton
Front Street Hamilton. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license
Ports of Call for Bermuda cruises will depend on the itinerary chosen. The most common itinerary is a five to seven night package with the only stop being Bermuda.

Ships will dock in King’s Wharf for two-to-three nights. Some may also stop in Hamilton or St. George.

King’s Wharf

This wharf is where all the major cruise lines dock and ships will be right inside the Royal Naval Dockyard (the most popular tourist site of the islands).

King’s Wharf is rich with history and home to the Bermuda Maritime Museum. There is also a mall, lighthouse and Art Center in the vicinity.

Buses, taxi and scooters can takes guests away from the busy area if they prefer some more private spots for relaxation.


The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton, with plenty to see and do. Usually, cruise ships dock right on Front St., where all the action takes place.

There are many daytime and nighttime activities and you can see the entire town on foot. Public transportation is also available for those that don’t want to walk.

St. George

St. George was the first colonized island of Bermuda, which is now a World Heritage Site. This charming island is full of history and beautiful architecture.

Visitors can stroll along cobblestone streets and enjoy the scenery.

Tourist Attractions

Bermuda Maritime Museum -- This museum is located at the Royal Naval Dockyard and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975.

It houses some of Bermuda’s most extensive artifact collections including rare treasures from the 16th and 17th century.

Along with the museum, guests can also participate in Dolphin Quest- a dolphin interactive experience.

Bermuda sailing
Boating is a popular activity in Bermuda during warm weather. Credit: Pixabay Creative Commons license
Commissioner’s House -- This was once home to the Dockyard Commissioner, built in 1820. It is a large Georgian House and the first ever cast iron house in the world. Guests can explore the house and see collections and exhibits of that time period.

Snorkel Park -- This white sand beach is located at the west end of Bermuda. It is located within the dockyard complex and cruisers can walk here from the ship.

The water here is very calm and perfect from children to enjoy the ocean. Snorkelers will spy colorful fish and coral reefs under the turquoise waters.

Black Bay Beach -- This beach is ideal for swimming and snorkeling in its shallow waters. The waves are come but swimmers should be aware of sharp rocks.

The sand is soft and covered with sea glass. There is a concession stand in the area to rent umbrellas, chairs and other beach items.

Bermuda Craft Market -- Guests can stroll through 60+ local art stands in the old cooperage building in the dockyard.

View or buy artwork and handicrafts including paintings, jewelry, woodwork and candles.


The Pickled Onion serves authentic Bermudian food along with Asian and Latin menu items. The restaurant offers lovely views of Hamilton Harbor.

Black Horse Tavern has Bermudian and Continental food with a casual atmosphere. It is a place where locals like to dine with reasonable prices.

Somerset Country Squire Pub & Restaurant is a traditional British Pub with average prices and a great terrace overlooking Mangrove Bay.

Polaris at Carriage House has amazing water views and Bermudian cuisine including seafood and sushi. Local fish and lobster caught fresh can be found on the daily menu.


Along with the Bermuda Craft Market there are quite a few other options for die-hard shoppers. Although there is no sales tax in Bermuda, items are not cheap due to import duties.

There are shopping centers in Hamilton City (along Front St.), at Somers Wharf in St. George and at the Clocktower Mall in the Royal Naval Dockyard.

The most unique finds in Bermuda are Gombey Rag Dolls, Banana Leaf Dolls, Longtail Jewelry and Rum Cakes.

When to Go/ Weather

Bermuda monthly temperatures
Average monthly temperatures are warm enough for swimming in the summer but too cool in the winter. © 2018 Scott Bateman
Bermuda has sub-tropical weather with high humidity and warm temperatures. Winter months of December through March range from the 60s-70s.

April through November are warmer months, ranging from 75-85 degrees.

Bermuda does not have a monsoon or rainy season. There is no fixed pattern for rainfall but October is generally the wettest month, with about 6 inches of rain.

April is the driest month, with 3 inches of rain.

The best time to visit Bermuda is from April to September. The temperatures are warmer, along with the water.

The majority of tourist attractions are opened during this time and there will be little to no rainfall. Those who prefer to go when there are less people should visit during the winter months.

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March 14, 2018

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