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Best Beaches in Bermuda

Bermuda beaches
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Tourists, travel guide writers and charismatic islanders have good reason to extol the virtues of beaches in Bermuda.

It's because this small island in the Eastern Caribbean is home to several miles of pristine sand-saddled beaches laden with palm trees and lapped by the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

For beach lovers looking for the wonderful mix of sun, sand, sea and wonderful people, they need look no further.

Below is a listing of the best beaches on the island whether visitors find themselves in western, central or eastern Bermuda.

Beaches along the West End

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Located just off South Road, Horseshoe is regarded as the best and most celebrated beach on the island.

Apart from natural beauty, Horseshoe also boasts world-class amenities including restaurants, rentals, rest rooms and changing facilities.

Location: Off South Road, Southampton Parish.

Jobson's Cove
Jobson's Cove may be a small sheltered cove, but this small inlet offers some of the most visually appealing landmarks in the form of large, towering rocks that line the shore.

The best part is, the beach is quiet and secluded, perfect for couples on honeymoon or anyone wanting a quite getaway.

Location: Warwick Parish

Warwick Long Bay
Warwick Long Bay boasts its name for good reason; the beach stretches for a massive 0.8 kilometres along the shoreline.

Here, visitors can take long walks along the shore where the water gradually interchanges between light blue, turquoise and aquamarine. Still, at other areas, the water is stunningly clear and inviting.

Location: Warwick Parish

Beaches in Central Bermuda

Clarence Cove
Clarence Cove features two beaches in one. In fact, the structure is such that a lagoon-inlet of sorts is formed along the shoreline. The beaches are also fairly secluded and welcome travellers who want to go snorkelling, surfing and other fun activities away from the crowds.

For anyone wanting the seclusion, the area is quiet in the morning, but once it gets to midday the waves begin to build and tourists begin to pour in.

Location: Pembroke Parish

Elbow Beach
Just minutes out of the City of Hamilton is Elbow Beach, an expanse of pale white sand, stretching for half a kilometre around a gently elbow curved inlet.

Elbow Beach is also a family-oriented beach where visitors can enjoy wonderful activities such as snorkelling, surfing and diving.

Location: Paget Parish

Beaches along the East End

Tobacco Bay Beach
Found in the renowned St Georges Parish, Tobacco Bay Beach is aptly named as it holds the distinction as the place where tobacco was first discovered in Bermuda.

However, it doesn't end there; the beach also features amazing limestone formations straddling the shoreline teeming with marine life.

Location: St George's Parish

Clearwater Beach
The water at Clearwater Beach is possibly the closest to aquamarine that visitors will ever see. The waters here glisten under the sun in pristine beauty while washing the spacious, sandy beach.

Clearwater is also family centred, facilitating kids and young adults alike with a playground and nature trails.

Location: St George's Parish

John Smith's Bay
Located along Bermuda's south coast, John Smith's Bay offers an extensive expanse of pale-pink beach. Attracting tourists from all over the world, John Smith is abuzz in the summer months and feature makeshift restaurants as well as changing facilities and rest rooms

Location: Smith's Parish

It doesn't matter if visitors are looking for a secluded spot that offers a touch of romance or a family-friendly, amusement-like beach, Bermuda is simply terrific.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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September 02, 2013
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