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Peru Cruise Guide

South American Cruise Tips

Christ the Redeemer A South American cruise can last from three days to 66 days. The most common is seven days.

Best Times to Visit Peru

Deciding when to visit Peru is difficult -- the country has three major geographic and climatic zones.

5 Great Cruises to Explore Peru

Lima Peru Visitors will find a photographer's dream -- vibrant colors, magnificent structures and a rich heritage.

Lima Peru Cruise Climate

Lima Peru’s climate is one of the driest among all of the cruise ports in South America.

Lima Peru Tourist Attractions

Lima Peru government palace Some of the best known tourist attractions in Lima date back to the 16th century Incas.

Great Lima Restaurants

Country Club Lima Hotel The best restaurants in Lima offer some of the top dining experiences in Latin America and a highlight for cruise and other travelers to the country.

Lima Peru City Tours

Lima Turibus A great way to discover the charm of Lima is to make the good old city tour with a bus. Fhere are even bicycle tours available.

Best Beaches in Lima

Miraflores Beach Lima has several good beaches within its limits, but the best beaches in Lima can be found by venturing an hour or two from the capital to outlying areas of the central coast.

Popular Restaurants

Cafe Croque Madame Argentina is revered for its refined and hearty cuisine, and nowhere is this more evident than in the top global food destination that is Buenos Aires. Read on to see where you can find the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, and why.