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Best Beaches in Lima Peru

Miraflores Beach
Miraflores Beach in Lima; source: Wikimedia Commons

Lima, the capital of Peru, sits right around the center of the country’s long Pacific coastline. This massive city has several good beaches within its limits, but the best beaches in Lima can be found by venturing an hour or two from the capital to outlying areas of the central coast.

Cruise visitors to Lima will find that the best beaches are also the most accessible, located at the foot of Lima’s upscale Miraflores district. Sunbathers, surfers and revelers flock to the eight beaches found here, all with wonderful views. Four of these—Makaha, La Pampilla, Redondo and Waikiki—are ideal for surfers.

Though a variety of watersports can be enjoyed in Peru, surfing remains the most popular. Pulpos is an exposed beach break in Lima that has reasonably consistent surf, with offshore winds coming in from the northeast.

The best beaches in Lima get their fair share of use during the hot months of January, February and March. Locals flock to the coast during the South American summer, especially on the weekends. About 26 miles from Lima, Playa el Silencio is one of those top weekend getaways, where you can enjoy fresh ceviche and pisco right on the sand.

On the northern end of Lima lies the archeological seaside city Ancon, popular with just about everyone in the capital—young people, surfers, families and tourists. But rather than overcrowd with different walks of life, there are enough sites in Ancon to fit everyone in, like residential resorts, a pre-Incan necropolis on the beach and nautical clubs.

Just 25 miles south of Lima is Playa de Caballeros (Gentlemen’s Beach),  a relaxing bay filled with turquoise waters in the summer, just steps away from the popular resort, Punta Hermosa.

Santa Maria del Mar is a laid-back beach town just 30 minutes south of Lima founded in 1953 as a resort community. The rocky cliffs, white-sand beaches and modern condos were all sculpted to come together harmoniously as the ultimate weekend getaway for posh Peruvians.

Playa Grande, Playa Chica and Playa Embajadores are perfect, quiet beaches for families with kids. For the adults, there are waterfront restaurants, yacht clubs and chic bars.

On the end of Lima’s Circuito de Playas (beach circuit) Chorrillos is a coastal district in the city containing the exclusive 1875 Club de Regatas yacht club as well as a wetlands reserve and the pre-Incan seaside village, Armatambo.

Home to one of the most important cruise ports in South America, El Callao has beautiful pebble beaches rich in history and natural appeal. After Pizarro founded it in  1537, the port went on to become the site of Castillo del Real Felipe, a massive Spanish fortress designed to ward off pirates.

Plenty of islets filled with rare, migrating birds and naval bases old and new can be visited on short boat tours from El Callao.

Furthest south of these beaches is the Asia area, known as the jet set of Peruvian beaches. The main commercial strip is Sur Plaza Boulevard where the best restaurants, lounges and shopping malls can be found for vacationers on holiday.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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