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Lima Peru City Tours

Lima Turibus
Colorful Turibus is way way to tour Lima; Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like most other places in Peru, there are numerous attractions in Lima, the capital city. However, for a tourist, finding ones’ way through the city can be a nightmare without a competent guide.

A much better way of discovering the charm of Lima without any hassle is to make the good old city tour with a bus. For the more adventurous, there are even bicycle tours available.

Today, we present the five tour/excursion agencies available for travellers arriving in Lima. It’s simply senseless to struggle to find attractions scattered about the city without guidance. The experts already know the “where”, the “when” and the “how”—just how to ensure a wonderful experience in Lima.

Several services in Lima offer a wide array of tours and trips through the city centre as well as the different districts surrounding Lima. Because of this, most tourists find it difficult to choose. Below, however, we present a narrow and simple overview of some of the best choices that will ensure value for money and a satisfying experience. 

1. Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours

Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours is about a unique gourmet lifestyle. For the culinary lovers, the company combines a behind-the-scenes city tour with Peru’s star dishes and top-notch restaurants, so tourists can see and taste the best of the city in just one day. This way, savouring the best culinary experiences in and around Lima is just at ones’ fingertips.

The tour is not simply about fine dining, however; it’s a wholesome and hands-on experience that includes a visit to a local market and a garden café, a cebiche lesson, a stop at a coffee house and lunch/dinner.

Furthermore, each stop during the tour is located in a different district, making the most of everyones’ time and allowing visitors to experience the country’s history. According to Culinaria Lima, the restaurant stops have been specially selected to highlight the talents of Peru’s Cordon Bleu trained chefs, award-winning recipes and creative interior designs.

2. LimaVision

LimaVision boasts the unofficial title of one of the best tour operators in Lima. As such, prices are relatively high, but choosing LimaVison Tours means choosing value, luxury and comfort.

Their tours typically show pre-Colonial, Colonial and Contemporary Lima. The company also offers professional bilingual tour guides as well as modern busses with comfortable seats and AC.  Pick-up service is available from any hotel in Miraflores, San Isidro or Lima Centre.

3. Mirabus City Tours

Mirabus City Tours offers comfortable rides on their flagship busses, the Mirabus. These busses are similar to those old English two-floor busses, except that they are more modern and far more exquisite.

The double floor setup allows visitors to view the city in panoramic style under air condition, far removed from the hectic and chaotic traffic down below. 

4. Turibus

Like the Mirabus, Turnibusses offer two-story panoramic views and luxury travel. This company is well known around the world for their first class service, impeccable professionalism and undeniable comfort.

5. LimaMentor

LimaMentor offers a wide range of unique, more personal tours combined with an excellent service. The showcases place where visitors can discover and experience the “real” Lima. Additionally LimaMentor arranges tailor-made Lima city tours as well as visits to other destinations in Peru.

Bonus: Bike Tours of Lima

One other means of enjoying the city without a tour company is by way of a bike. Bike tours are normally taken by the more adventurous travellers, travel photographers as well as children.

Bike tours of Lima are a great way to enjoy the wonderful sceneries around the city. Not only does the bike system circumvent traffic, but it allows travellers to have full control over their itinearies and have a truly enjoyable experience.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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