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5 Popular Restaurants in Dominica

Dominica restaurants
Local seafood is popular at Dominica restaurants; © Discover Dominica Authority

Like most other Caribbean counties, Dominica features a wide range of restaurants and eateries with wonderful menus and choices to suit any budget and taste.

Indeed, Dominica boasts some of the most exotic food that is available in the Caribbean. From this small island, amazingly tasty and mouth-watering dishes are an ever-present attraction.

As far as Dominica is concerned, travellers can expect an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and root crops to appear on menus around the island since the island’s economy is largely based on agriculture.

Dominican cuisine is also famous for its use of local game, such as the manicou (a small opossum) and the agouti (a large indigenous rodent). At the time of this writing, the government has banned “mountain chicken” (a large frog called crapaud).

Still, Dominican cuisine is not only unique, but quite elaborate and varied. Indeed, whether it’s a classic culinary temple or a local shop, these Dominica restaurants are destinations in and of themselves.

1. Waterfront Restaurant

Located at the southern end of Roseau’s bay, Waterfront Restaurant is an elegant and romantic restaurant that overlooks the nearby Caribbean coastline. With a varied menu that incorporates vegetarian choices alongside traditional and local dishes, visitors can dine outdoors on the wraparound veranda or indoors in the air-conditioned formal dining room.

Typical dishes include:
Tropical desserts: cheesecake and guava tart
Creole specialties: callaloo soup; beef, skewered shrimp with a Thai sauce.
Special choices: On Monday nights, manager’s cocktail is served in the Bala’s Bar, followed by a Caribbean fusion buffet in the Marquis Restaurant.

It’s important to note that Waterfront Restaurant is closed in September and early October. However, meals are served in the nearby Marquis Restaurant, which has a regular Monday-night buffet.

2. La Robe Creole Tavern Restaurant

La Robe Creole is the most expensive restaurant on this list; however, guests pay for quality food and service that’s well worth the charge.  Located in downtown Roseau (Dominica’s capital), everything here keeps in tune with the creole theme. In fact, even the staff wear traditional Creole uniforms.

The food here is essentially a mixture of African, French, English, and Carib-Indian cuisine. Popular dishes include the Fried Shrimp, Roasted mutton and just about anything served with the famous Creole Buttersauce.

3. Connie’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

Connie’s Beach Bar is the result of a combination of a number of elements that make the establishment completely amazing. From the mystical allure of the black sand and blue sea to the glorious sunsets and of course great food and friendly people, Connie’s is a complete location for relaxation and enjoyment.

It’s important to note however that Connie’s is a small restaurant, especially since it is located off the tourist path. As such, there is no set menu; however, visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes that are prepared each day.  Popular dishes include their steamed fish with vegetables and their homemade salad.

Of course, reservations are required for dinner. This is possibly the best way to spend time at Connie’s—a romantic dinner along the terrace as the sun sets in the west.

4. Papillote Restaurant

Papillote Restaurant is not just about dining, it’s about dining in fine style. Of all the restaurants mentioned here, Papillote probably boasts the most beautiful sceneries with its own gardens and nice views down the Roseau Valley. The gardens are worth a visit—they have calming trails and the setting is beautiful.

With its wide assortment of dishes, Papillote has a number of selections that visitors revel about including Kettle Soup, Callaloo Soup and the Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf. Other popular dishes include the Green Papaya Chicken Salad and the Breadfruit Puffs.

5. Purple Turtle Beach Club

Like Connie’s, Purple Turtle offers a little more than just the “restaurant experience”. Located on a beautiful beach in Portsmouth, visitors can enjoy the wonderful Caribbean view, bask in the sun and unwind with a drink on the terrace.

A lot of visitors who stop by here also visit the Cabrits National Park or at least spend some time at the beach as well. Popular dishes come from a variety of creole styles. These include the Creole Chicken and Creole Goat, served with a small salad and a combination of dasheen, potatoes and yams on the side. The crayfish is also popular.

Whether it’s dining on a veranda overlooking the sea or inside a ball-like dinner area, tourists and locals thoroughly enjoy the tantalizing allure of Dominican cuisine at any of the restaurants mentioned above, the crème de la crème of Dominica.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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