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Bonaire excursions
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As part of the Netherland Antilles, Bonaire is a rather small Caribbean island. Regardless, there's much to see here, much more than the typical person would probably imagine. Making the most of a vacation in Bonaire usually means exploring.

We look at some of the best tour operators that one can use to go about exploring this magical island.

Bonaire Tours

Existing for almost 30 years, Bonaire Tours is one of Bonaire's leading tour operators, boasting experience and competence. With tour guides, Bonaire Tours offers trips such as visits to Goto Lake, Salt Flats, National Park and a wide variety of other destinations.

Other services include:

Airport Transfer Service: individual or group based airport round trips.

Weddings: wedding planning services

Car Rentals & Accommodations: Bonaire Tours offers a wide variety of vehicles for rental as well as accommodations including hotels and apartments.

Bonaire Vista Tours

Unlike Bonaire Tours, Bonaire Vista Tours offers one major excursion route. This is a three-hour tour of the North and South areas of Bonaire, giving their guests the “extra time to enjoy the hidden vistas".

The tour begins in Salt Flats (large mountains of white salt crystals) and ends in the beautiful Seru Largu, 404 feet above sea level. Of course, there are several stops in between.

For those who are particular about their comfort, Bonaire Vista Tour's excursion rides are offered in the comfort of a fully air conditioned 15 passenger vans.

Voyager Bonaire Car Rentals and Private Tours

Voyager offers a wide range of tour operator and travel management services and will take care of their visitors as soon as the cruise ship docks to the time of departure.

One of the advantages of this operator is their highly experienced, multilingual staff who are committed to showcasing their beautiful island.

As far as excursions are concerned, there are two main tours.

Northern Bonaire Tour: This is a tour of the island's northern section lasting for about three hours. This tour covers attractions such as Rincon, Cadushy Gotomeer Lake, Distillery and Seru Largu.

Southern Bonaire Tour: This tour lasts for about three hours and typically takes guest to sites such as the southern lighthouse, the popular Sorobon Beach, salt flats and old slave huts.

Bonaire Crystal Tours and Services

Bonaire Crystal Tours is one of the newer players in this industry. However, this operator has carved out a niche for themselves offering only cultural tours. Their tours are not at all about sightseeing. With Bonaire Crystal Tours, guests get a chance to explore the island's rich history and cultural heritage.

Typical tours include:

Bayashi Tour: This tour offers cave exploration and the chance to hear about the island's Indian history as well as kunuku life. There is also the famous blowhole on showcase.

Plantashi Tour: This tour offers visits to historical sites and museums including the Washington-Slagbaai National Park ( The first nature sanctuary of the Netherlands Antilles ) and Museum, as well as the Mangazina di Rei.

Bonaire Tours & Vacations

Like Bonaire Crystal Tours, Bonaire Tours & Vacations offers cultural tours coupled with soft-adventure eco trips. The main tours include:

The National Park: kayak the mangroves and land sail on the world's longest track
Bonaire Marine Park: Guides snorkeling and windsurfing

Like most Caribbean islands, Bonaire is a friendly place with many attractions for sightseeing and exciting activities. The visitor's choice of tour operator will greatly affect their experience, so the visitor should ensure the choice fits their expectations.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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May 28, 2014
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