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Best Bonaire Beaches for Cruise Visitors

Bonaire beach
Bonaire has 22 named beaches. © Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Bonaire makes it easy for cruise visitors to find a beach with 22 of them scattered around this small island and several near the Kralendijk cruise port.

Most of the beaches are on the western side of Bonaire, which also is the location of Kralendijk. A few beachs are within normal walking distance, but the best ones are not. Visitors will need to get to them via taxi, rental car or excursion bus.

Almost all Bonaire beaches are public except for Sorobon, a clothing-optional beach in a private, nudist resort where non-guests pay $10 for admission.

Otherwise, be aware that nude bathing is illegal throughout the island and offensive to the locals.

Beaches Close to Kralendijk

The nearest beaches to the cruise port include Coco, Bachelor’s, Te Amo and Flamingo, along with one of the most unusually named beaches in the Caribbean. It is called Chachacha.

Most of these five beaches require a long walk or short drive to reach them.

Chachacha, named after a local woman, is an exception. It is just a quick walk south of the port. Chachacha is a small beach with a wooden pier. The waters are calm and ideal for families with young children.

Shore excursion operators offer a quick island tour plus a visit to Coco Beach for about $45. Coco, one of the best on the island for cruise visitors, is less than two miles north of the cruise port. It’s at least a 30-minute walk for moderately fit people. Otherwise, a taxi or excursion bus is the best option.

Bachelor’s Beach is a small beach three miles south of the cruise terminal at Port Bonaire. The beach lies below a 10-foot cliff, according to Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

Te Amo is a white-sand beach near Bonaire’s airport, which gives visitors a chance to see planes departing and landing from a close vantage point. It is two miles south of the port.

Flamingo is at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort to the north of the cruise port and a 10-minute walk from the center of Kralendijk.

Other Bonaire Beaches

Bonaire beaches
Credit: Depositphotos

Pink Beach, the longest beach on the island, has fine pink sand. It is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming.

The beach has been featured on the cover of Caribbean Travel. Life magazine named it one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. A bus goes there throughout the day. It’s six miles south of the cruise port.

Washington-Slagbaai National Park has three major beaches—Boca Cocolishi, Boca Slagbaai and Playa Funchi. The park is at the far northwest end of the island.

Boca Cocolishi on the north coast is not well-suited for swimming because of the strong surf. But it is a black sand beach with lava-formed pools that make it appealing for hikers.

Boca Slagbaai, popular with the flamingos, is a good swimming and snorkeling site. It has facilities and refreshments for sale. Some of the buildings there date back to 1869.

Playa Funchi is a highly recommended snorkeling site because of coral formations, attractive fish and calm waters. It has no sand or facilities, although it is likewise popular with flamingos.

Other recommended beaches include Playa Chiquito, although swimming is forbidden because of the strong, dangerous surf. But the location is beautiful and ideal for sunbathing.

Boka Bartol, located in the Marine Park, is a good diving location with attractive coral formations.

1000 Steps is a snorkel and dive site on the north side of Bonaire and reachable by boat or car. Anyone who drives there actually will take 67 steps to reach the beach.

Lac Bay is a good swimming location with an attractive stand of mangroves. Bands play there each weekend for locals and tourists.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
July 19, 2023

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