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Best and Worst Months to Go to Acapulco

Best time to go to Acapulco
Acapulco beach. Credit: Wikimedia
Several factors are worth considering when a traveler must decide on the best time of year to visit a particular destination. From weather to festivities, holidays and costs, this may very well be the biggest issue for vacationers.

For the Acapulco traveler, there are best and worst times to visit the city based on these factors.


In general, Acapulco is blessed with plentiful sunshine and beautiful weather. In fact, year-round temperatures generally average between 31 and 35 degrees Celcius. However, depending on the type of year, there may be strange variations. Let’s look at the seasons.

The winter months of December to March are easily Acapulco’s peak travel season. During this season, the city is crowded with visitors from all over the word.

As expected, rates are heightened and access to various amenities including accommodation is limited and competitive. However, though winter, the days are often warm with consistent sunshine.

Summer is Acapulco's low season. During this period, crowds are generally small and prices are fairly low.

But expect sweltering heat, high humidity and bouts of rain. As such, the low prices and small crowds may not be worth it during this period after all.

Additionally, while the wet season begins in June, it may sometimes last all the way to October.

Rest of The Year
During other times of the year, Acapulco generally sees good weather. Warm with bursts of sunshine, these periods (spring and autumn) are often great for those looking to spend much time outdoors.

Additionally, during these periods, airfare is relatively cheap and the city is much less crowded except for prime resorts. These seasons are for the laid back and easy going traveller who is just looking to relax.

In particular, April and May offers visitors desirable weather and low prices. Still, those visiting in October or November will avoid the rowdy spring breakers who often flock the area as soon as they possibly can.


Festivals are an important factor to consider when deciding when to visit Acapulco. The Virgin Guadaloupe and Acapulco Carnival are of particular importance.

The Virgin of Guadalupe Festival (Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe) takes place in mid-December. This festival often includes street parties, flower decoration, live music, costume play, etc. As a tradition, the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe is placed underwater at Caleta beach and can be viewed on this day through glass-bottom boats.

The Carnival is held during mid-February and sees colourful processions and revelry filling the streets of the city. Costumes, performances, good food and drink are the hallmarks of Acapulco carnival.

For those looking to have a good time and experience the people and culture, visiting during a celebration may be a great idea.

In general, a decision of when to visit Acapulco will depend, as seen above, on several factors. Visitors should consider carefully what they want out of their trip as well as what they do not desire and plan tactically and carefully before purchasing that ticket.

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