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Ushuaia Cruise Port Guide

Ushuaia cruise port
Ushuaia cruise port. Credit: Wikimedia

The cruise port of Ushuaia has the distinction of being the southernmost city in the world and serves as the gateway to several of the best attractions that South America has to offer. 

A onetime penal colony and now capital of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), Ushuaia is a land of forests and ponds, with vivid colours and an overall vibrant personality.

What To Do Once Docked

Cruise ships dock in the centre Ushuaia. From there, the Coastal Avenue (Maipu) and the main shopping street, San Martin, are just a few blocks away.

Along the dock itself, visitors will find several small kiosks that sell various items. Handicraft and artisans’ huts are also popular within the vicinity.

Closer to the end of the dock is a visitors’ centre where tourists can find information about Ushuaia, including a general history, maps, emergency contacts, points of interest, etc.

One caveat is that most of the information is written in Spanish. Still, one will find within this general area several tourists booths with information about excursions, hotels, resorts, etc.

How To Get Around

Once visitors have hung out at the dock or along the pier, they will need to get around the town.

Ushuaia is a small town and as such the preferred mode of transportation is simply walking.

However, for anyone with a need to get around more, the most popular mode of transportation is taxi. Normally, several taxis catering to tourists can be found at the end of the dock. A bus service is also available; visitors can enquire about this from locals at the tourist booths.

Be Aware

Due to its location, Ushuaia is known for generally bad weather, even during the summer months.

Generally, the weather can be very unpredictable, quickly changing from one extreme to the next. Further, visitors should pack sunscreen as sunburn from penetrating sun rays is one of the major tourist problems here.

Popular Attractions

Among the top attractions that Ushuaia has to offer are:

Tierra del Fuego National Park: between Chile and Argentina, this easily accessible park offering glaciers, lakes, streams, rivers, mountains and incredible viewpoints.

Ushuaia Prison Museum: for the adventurous, this museum allows views of prison cells dating back to 1947.

Hammer Island Penguin Rookery: For the nature lovers, this rookery offers the best chance to see and interact with the lovely Magellenic Penguins.

Dining Options

Ushuaia is especially known for well-done meat options. From well-done beef to succulent mutton, most eateries within the area offer their dishes with a particular Chilean flair. Top restaurants include:

Kaupe: high above the city, this restaurant offers great views as well as an Alpine-like menu.

Moustacchio: the chefs here are masters at grilled meat, prepared on stone grills over an open fire. 

Undoubtedly, Ushuaia is a prime destination to visit in South America.

The city is small, however, that is part of its charm. It’s an intimate, easy going and friendly town that caters specially to tourists. Visitors may want to learn a few words of Spanish before sailing there.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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