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5 Interesting Puerto Montt Restaurants

Puerto Montt food market
Puerto Montt food market. Credit: Wikimedia
One of the fastest growing cities in South America, Puerto Montt is a rolling landscape of towering mountains that taper off into the ocean. Beyond that, Puerto Montt is Chile's seafood capital.

In fact, delicacies such as abalone, sea urchin and the regional barnacle are some of the top items on the menus of numerous restaurants around the region.

For these typical fare as well as other Chilean favorites, let’s explore some of the best restaurants in the cruise port of Puerto Montt, Chile.

1. Cotelé de Jeremy

Cotelé de Jeremy boasts a setting that emphasizes intimacy for the romantics. Still, it’s not so much a fancy gourmet restaurant as a steakhouse with just seven tables surrounding an open hearth. (They can accommodate up to 27 people.) As such, reservations are always the smart way to go, especially Thursday through Sunday.

Staff here methodically slow-cooks three choices: sirloin, carefully aged fillet and ribeye, cut and priced by kilo. There is also their starting sliced biltong, a South African specialty comprising a dried and spiced cut of beef. Think of it as a very juicy beef jerky.

Additionally, guests can have either sopaipillas with pebre and other dips, or their special recipe "stick bread" cooked on a skewer on the parilla and served with garlic butter and dips with each meal.

For those who simply want to kick back and relax, it’s a place to enjoy grilled meat, beer and wine in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the city center. Additionally, the owner, Jeremy is South African and so will converse comfortably in English.

2. Fogón del Leñador

Fogón del Leñador is a traditional family restaurant existing in Puerto Montt for nine years. Providing a relaxing and easy going atmosphere, Fogón del Leñador is a friendly setting for family coupled with soothing background music.

Meat lovers would be happy to know that this restaurant specializes in meats and sausages that are prepared at their family-owned factory.

In addition, dishes are served with home-made sauces, adding to that home-prepared familiarity in taste. Top dishes include their steak and sopapillas.

3. Club Aleman Restaurant

The Club Aleman (German Club) is, as its name suggests, a club dedicated to the Germans of the region. The restaurant is of course off the traditional Chilean restaurant list. Still Club Aleman is quite old fashioned and is one of the better-known German restaurants in the area around Puerto Montt.

One of the most famous dishes here is the Rheinischer Sauerbraten. This dish is essentially a pepperpot and steak combination. They also serve the German beer Cerveza Kunstman and various types of seafood.

4. Tablón del Ancla

Tablón del Ancla is a bar/restaurant, one in few of its kind in the region. Soccer related caricatures line the walls, creating a general sporty setting.

A popular spot for hanging out, especially for teens and young adults, popular choices include the Pichanga consisting of fried potatoes with chunks of meat and other additives, great bunless hamburger de lo pobre, a fancy egg dish as well as the parilla mixta which features mixed grilled meats served in a flame-contained bucket.

Bear in mind that prices are often above the typical price point of most other restaurants in the region.

5. Sanito

For those seeking a healthier way, Sanito is the way to go. Sanito describes itself as an “alternative health food restaurant.”

Dishes are served fresh daily including a soup, salad or entrée menu (includes juice and coffee/tea) as well as à la carte salads and sandwiches. All this, to the backdrop of an upscale setting with oldies music playing ion the background.

Puerto Montt is a great location for many reasons. One such is to enjoy traditional Chilean food while experiencing the local culture. If nothing else, these restaurants will surely help the Chilean visitor in experiencing the taste of Chuile
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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November 07, 2014
Puerto Montt is a rolling landscape of towering mountains that taper off into the ocean. Beyond that, Puerto Montt is Chile's seafood capital. "/>

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