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Best Falkland Island Beaches Offer Wildlife and ‘Cool’ Surfing

Kelp goose
Falkland Island beaches are known for wildlife like the Kelp Goose. Credit: Wikimedia (Creative Commons License)

Cruise destinations usually attract visitors with sunny, white sand beaches and warm ocean water. But not the Falkland Islands.

Instead, visitors will get white sand beaches and cold ocean water. But that’s OK because they won’t go there for the swimming.

Falkland Island beaches offer plenty of wildlife and some chilly surfing to cruise visitors brave enough to tolerate brisk winds and winter-like temperatures.

One beach is known for surfing and three more are known for wildlife.

Bertha’s Beach (Mount Pleasant)

The Mount Pleasant Airport and Royal Air Force military complex is a little more than one hour by car southwest of the cruise port at Stanley. Car renters will take Darwin Road all the way. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

Bertha’s Beach is a white sand beach 10 minutes away from Mount Pleasant. Turn left or south on Darwin Road onto Mare Harbour Road and follow it to the end.

The beach is known for its bird and marine life including dolphins and Gentoo penguins. It also is popular for hiking, picnicking and photography.

Visitors should contact Fitzroy Farm (+500 52256) for permission to visit the beach.

Kelp Point (East Falkland)

Fitzroy Farm has another beach destination for nature lovers. Kelp Point is an off-road destination with more than 30 bird species, southern elephant seals, gentoo and Magellanic penguins and the Fritillary butterfly.

Other flora and fauna include the coscoroba and black-necked swan, variable hawk, two banded plover, flying steamer duck, speckled teal, chiloe wigeon, silver teal, yellow billed pintail, Magellanic snipe, dolphin and kelp gulls.

Contact Fitzroy Farm (+500 32384) for more information and permission to visit.

From Stanley, visitors will drive by road to Island Harbour House and then go on an off-road track to Kelp Point. The total travel time is about two hours. The Falkland Islands Tourist Board strongly recommends that visitors hire a guide.

Surf Bay (Stanley)

The beach nearest to Stanley is Surf Bay. As its name suggests, it is popular for surfing.

Visits can reach it in about five minutes by car going east on Airport Road. The Falkland Islands don’t have surf shops, but visitors who want to surf can contact local travel agents for advice.

Carcass Island

Carcass Island is another haven for flora and fauna that is located in the northwest area of the archipelago.

Visitors reach the island by boat or plane (one hour direct flying time) to see elephant seals, magellanic penguins, gentoo penguins and other sea life.

Bird life includes Cobb’s wren, striated caracara and short-eared owls.

Carcass Island also is a hiking destination with white sand beaches, cliffs and rocky hills.

Contact Carcass Island (+500 41106) for more information about accommodations and how to get there.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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