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Popular Mazatlán Mexico Shore Excursions

Mazatlan cathedral
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is a popular excursion stop.

Popular Mazatlán shore excursions include tours of the city’s major cultural and historical attractions.

Mazatlán’s location at the mouth of the Gulf of California offers numerous land and water-based shore excursions for cruise visitors.

As a major cruise port on the western Mexico coast, Mazatlán has plenty of tour operators providing some unique experiences and many others that are common in cruise ports.

As always, the best way to plan an excursion is by researching the options in advance, comparing prices and comparing visitor reviews to see which ones provide the best experiences.

City Tours

The most popular activity for any cruise visitor is walking around the city for shopping, dining and historical attractions.

Many people tour on their own, but organized tours provide the benefits of having an expert guide who can explain the history of the city and show the most important sites in the least amount of time.

These sites include Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Angela Peralta Theater, Machado Square and the Municipal Market. The history of Mazatlán goes back to the Aztecs and the Spanish conquerors.

A typical organized tour will take about 3.5 hours and cost about $30.

Several land-based excursions will take visitors outside of the city to the surrounding countryside.

Another day trip is a visit to the quiet colonial town of El Quelite, where visitors can stroll rural streets and a visit a cheese factory, traditional bakery and fish tank factory. They also can eat at El Meson de los Laureanos, the top Mexican restaurant in the state of Sinaloa. The trip will take about five hours and cost $45 not including lunch. The distance from Mazatlán is 25 miles.

A similar trip goes to the town of La Noria where visitors can learn the cultural traditions of the area and shop for authentic arts and crafts. This trip also takes about five hours and cost $45, but the distance is 45 miles.

Adventure Tours

More adventurous people might consider several options that are available at many cruise ports—ATV rides and zip lining. Expect to take four to six hours for the total tour and pay $75 and up.

Anyone wanting a peaceful location away from city crowds might want to hop over to Stone Island. In addition to beach time, activities include kayaking, horseback riding, kayaking, banana boats or horse-and-cart rides. The excursion will take about six hours and cost about $40.

Mazatlán is known for its sport fishing, and numerous operators provide charters that will cost around $400 for four people on a five hour trip. Anyone looking for the best deal should divide the total cost by the number of people and hours to get a price per person per hour.