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Acapulco Beach Vacation Guide

Acapulco skyline
Acapulco skyline; credit: Wikimedia Commons

Acapulco, a major port city on the Pacific coast of Mexico, is in a semi-circular bay and bordered by the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Acapulco is Mexico’s oldest beach resort destination and became popular in the 1950s. With beautiful scenery and many attractions, the city still remains popular today.

Hotel and Resort Tips

Hotel and resort visitors usually fly into Acapulco International Airport, which is about 14 miles southeast of the city center.

Most of the hotels and resorts line Acapulco Bay by the city. Visitors who fly into the airport will need to plan for a drive that may last 30 to 45 minutes.

Prices are inexpensive compared to other beach destinations along the Mexican Riviera. Hotel prices usually range between $100 and $200 a night.

The crime rate is one possible reason for the low hotel prices. Acapulco is often listed as a city with one of the highest crime rates in Mexico. But as someone who has visited Mexico multiple times, I have found tourist areas relatively safe.

Tourist Attractions

Acapulco Hotel Map

Acapulco has many attractions for tourists to enjoy.

Exciting sports, shops, restaurants and art galleries can be found throughout the area.

La Quebrada cliff divers leap from extreme heights and plunge into a narrow stream below. This is one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Zocalo is a peaceful town square filled with shaded areas to relax and quaint restaurants to grab a bite to eat. This is a great place to see local culture and street entertainers.

Palma Sola Archaeological Site is one of twelve petroglyph sites in the city. Travelers can take a steep trail up to the forest where the petroglyphs can be seen.


Acapulco is home to beautiful and pristine beaches. During the high tourist season, the beaches along Acapulco Bay become crowded with locals and tourists alike.

For safety reasons, hotel visitors should stay at or near the beaches by their hotels. Anyone who wants to visit more remote beaches should consider a tour group.

Playa Angosta is a quiet beach with a narrow shoreline and excellent views of the sunset. Playas Caleta y Caletilla is a local favorite because of calm waters and a friendly atmosphere. Playa Bonfil has strong waves and a fast current that make it popular with surfers


Taxis are abundant in Acapulco, which makes it very convenient for tourists. They are unmetered, so it is best to negotiate prices before taking the ride.

Buses are another means of travel and are easy to find. Numerous bus stops are in the area, and bus drivers will stop along the roads if they see walking tourists. Buses are privately owned and decorated with bright colors and funky décor.

Rental cars are available at the airport and hotel front desks. Prices are mid-range, with the cheapest being manual transmission cars.

Traffic usually remains light, making it easy to get to local attractions.


Acapulco has a tropical wet and dry climate with high temperatures. The areas closest to the ocean are the warmest and always remain a threat to tropical storms.

The dry season occurs November through May with average temperatures in the high 80s.

The rainy season is between June and October with average temperatures in the 90s and heavy rainfall.