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Ensenada Beaches Near the Cruise Port

Playa Hermosa Beach in Ensenada
Playa Hermosa Beach in Ensenada. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license

Ensenada is a popular cruise port and city municipality in Baja California, Mexico on the Pacific Coast south of Tijuana.

Travelers flock to the beautiful beaches where they can unwind near the powdery sands and crystalline waters; where they can bask in the sun-drenched scenery from beneath the shade of swaying palms.

Ensenada is also popular for water sports, seaside cafes and nightlife.

Any trip to Ensenada is, of course, not complete without the beaches. Indeed, Ensenada’s beaches are undoubtedly some of the best in the world, especially the ones that can be found south of town. The following countdown is just a glimpse into the wonderful world of Ensenada beaches and the offerings therein.

1. Playa Hermosa: Nearest the Cruise Port

The Ensenada beach nearest the cruise port is Playa Hermosa. It is a little more than two miles south of the cruise port and about a 10 minute drive via taxi or excursion bus. It lies along the city’s long malecon or boardwalk.

2. Playa San Miguel Beach

San Miguel is all about surfing. In fact, the beach is best known as a challenging surf spot with consistent waves. As such, it is not an ideal spot for novice surfers. 

Beyond surfing, the golden sand and clear water entice swimmers and snorkelers to indulge in the offerings of San Miguel. With its popularity as a sporting destination as well as the fact that there are stores and restaurants nearby, the beach can become crowded on weekends, but San Miguel is a fairly large beach, sufficiently so that that even on crowded days, beachgoers should still be able to enjoy a relatively hassle-free visit.

3. Playa Estero

Playa Hermosa Map

Known to many simply as Estero Beach, this stretch of coast in Ensenada is particularly revered for its more tranquil atmosphere. Associated with the renowned resort of the same name located there, the beach is also celebrated for its natural beauty.

Playa Estero is to a large extent free of the surfing crowd, making it ideal for swimming, taking a hike or going on a horseback ride in the surf. Estero attracts sunbathers, horseback riders, kayakers, snorkelers, divers and beachcombers for an altogether more relaxing atmosphere.

4. El Faro Beach

El Faro Beach is located in the south, i.e. downtown Ensenada. This beach is not as popular as San Miguel and therefore not as crowded. Still, Faro features all the amenities of a modern beach.

While there are no consistent waves for surfing here, El Faro offers great views of the Punta Banda and Islas de Todos Santos, so it’s quite picturesque. Moreover, the beach also features modern, well-kept amenities including well-attended bathrooms, potable water, electricity, rental cottages and even laundry facilities.

5. Playa Baja Beach

Visitors who travel southward from the main area of Ensenada will come across the popular family-centered Baja Beach.

This beach is relatively close to the city center and is surrounded by resort hotels. This means that modern amenities are not a problem here as the stretch is a designated tourist area.

Like El Faro, Playa Baja is complete with a panoramic view of the Bahia de Todos Santos. Water sports and other activities are also popular here. This includes snorkelling, skiing, kayaking and diving. As such, water sports rentals are available.

6. Punta Banda

Situated adjacent to the peaceful southern shore of Ensenada’s Bahia de Todos Santos, Punta Banda is a narrow beach jutting out into the Pacific Ocean, creating one of Ensenada’s most picturesque bays.

Most tourists travelling here often go for the panoramic view and the beautiful landscape as opposed to basking in the sun on the beach, especially since Punta Banda at least a couple hours drive form the main city of Ensenada.

Travelling to Punda Banda offers a chance to visit Estero Beach Hotel on one of Ensenada’s most beautiful estuaries and of course, the famous blowhole.

While Ensenada is famed for its resorts and beautiful hotels, it is also popular for its commitment to protecting the natural beauty of its beaches for all to enjoy. This is why some of the best beaches in the world will undoubtedly be found at Ensenada.