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Jamaica Tourism Statistics

Jamaica tourism statistics
Data source: Caribbean Tourism Organization. Graphic ©
Some Caribbean islands get more long-term resort and hotel visitors than cruise visitors. Others have it the other way around.

Jamaica is one of those islands that is more popular with resort visitors.

Annual Jamaica tourism statistics show that 1.4 million people visited the island by cruise in 2014, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization. That total was a 12.5 percent jump over 2013.

The total "stopover" visitors in 2014 was 2.0 million. That total was a 3.6 percent increase over 2013 with a 1.2 percent rise in the winter and a 4.9 percent increase in the summer.

The most popular month to visit Jamaica last year was in July, which also is the hottest time of the year for weather.

The next two most popular months were December and then March. Both of those months are active months for western Caribbean cruises, which often include Jamaica ports of call such as Ocho Rios.

The least popular month was September followed by October and November.

September is the most active storm month of the Caribbean hurricane season and a time when the number of cruises and stopover vacationers have a steep decline.

October is the second most active month for bad weather and faces a similar decline in tourism.

Visitors by Country

The United States provided the largest number of stopover visitors in 2014 with 1.3 million people.

Canada was second with 420,000 visitors, followed by Europe with 261,000 and "Other" with 107,000.

The number of Canadian visitors climbed 5.2 percent over 2013 while 10.7 percent more Europeans came to Jamaica.

The island ranked third in total stopover visitors after Dominican Republic and Cuba among the destinations tracked by the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

2013 Jamaica Tourism

Stopover tourism in 2013 increased 1.1 percent over the previous year while cruise tourism declined 2.4 percent.

The island had a 1.1 percent increase in U.S. tourism, a 1 percent decline from Canada, a 6 percent increase from Europe and a 0.8 percent decrease from other countries.

The following breakdown shows the 2013 visitor statistics by month:

January - 161,455
February - 166,010
March - 213,109
April - 171,630
May - 160,785
June - 186,481
July - 205,655
August - 164,336
September - 105,426
October - 123,663
November - 148,512
December - 201,347
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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February 17, 2020