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Costa Rica Weather in November: Rain, Temperatures

Limon Costa Rica weather in November
Average high temperature and rainfall in Limon Costa Rica in November. © 2023 Scott S. Bateman

Costa Rica weather in November will almost certainly rain on anyone who vacations on the Caribbean coast near the Limon cruise port.

They might get more lucky going to the west coast of Costa Rica instead to places such as Puntarenas, a popular stop on Pacific Coast cruises. It also gets plenty of rain, but not as much as Limon.

Costa Rica receives a remarkable amount of rain throughout the year. That’s why it has rainforests and is known as a major ecotourism destination.

But the rain varies wildly from one month to the next and one location to the next.

It pays to look at the historical weather patterns not only for the country as a whole but also for specific areas.

The following statistics are based on 30-year averages from Costa Rica’s National Institute of Meteorology. They will vary somewhat from year to year, but they give enough patterns so that vacationers can plan what to expect.

Limon Rainfall and Temperatures

Limon on the Caribbean coast is known as a major port of call for western Caribbean cruises.

Few cruise ships visit here in November because of the heavy rains. It is a more popular destination during the spring when rain doesn’t fall as heavily.

Rainfall in November averages about 15 inches for the month, and it typically rains more than 17 days during the month. When it does rain, it rains a lot.

Costa Rica temperatures in November are still quite comfortable as winter approaches with an average high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 Celsius, according to Costa Rica’s National Meteorological Institute. The average low is 71 Fahrenheit or more than 21 Celsius.

These temperatures are typical for Limon because they vary little from month to month—unlike the rain.

Puntarenas Rainfall and Temperatures

November Weather Stats: Puntarenas

Avg. High
89 degrees F
Avg. Low
73 degrees F
Rain Inches
Rain Days

November is more kind to Puntarenas on the west coast than it is to Limon.

Total rainfall during the month is about five inches, which is almost arid for a wet country such as Costa Rica.

The total number of rain days is a little less than 15, which compares well to the 24 rain days in September and October.

November in Puntarenas is near the start of a dry season for this coastal port that lasts through April.

Puntarenas always stays warm with average highs throughout the year ranging from 89 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit or the low 30s Celsius.

November is at the low end of that range at 89 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Meteorological Institute. The average low for the month is 73 degrees, which is about normal for the year.

Whether to Go

This video explains Caribbean weather in November and which islands are the best and worst to visit for weather.

Full-Screen Version | YouTube Caribbean Channel
The historical averages for Costa Rica weather in November clearly show that Limon should be avoided that month while Puntarenas has only a moderate amount of risk.

It’s not a question of whether to take a western Caribbean cruise that includes a stop in Limon because there are fewer cruises that time of year as a result of poor weather.

The real question is whether anyone is thinking about spending a week or more in Costa Rica for a vacation.

In that case, avoid the Caribbean coast and consider the Pacific coast.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
October 17, 2023

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