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Costa Rica Weather in June: Rain, Temperatures

Limón Costa Rica weather in June
Average high temperature and rainfall for Limón Costa Rica in June. © Scott S. Bateman

Heavy rains dominate Costa Rica weather in June on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. June is not the worst month to visit this rain-drenched country, but the weather is risky for any vacation visitor.

Costa Rica has two popular cruise ports. Limón on the Caribbean coast is a port of call on “exotic” western Caribbean cruises. Puntarenas on the Pacific coast is common with Pacific and Panama Canal cruises.

Limón Weather in June

Limón is deep into the rainy season in June with an average rainfall of 12 inches, according to the Costa Rica National Meteorological Institute. On average, it rains 19 days during the month.

Rainfall is especially heavy compared to other Caribbean destinations in June. Many of them average about three to four inches.

This video explains Caribbean weather in June and which islands are the best and worst to visit for weather.
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This compares to brief dry seasons of six inches in September and eight inches in March. That said, the “dry seasons” are quite a bit rainy compared to the rest of the Caribbean.

Temperatures in Limón during June have an average high of 87 degrees Fahrenheit or about 30 Celsius, according to the Costa Rica National Meteorological Institute. But higher humidity comes with heavier rains. The average low temperature is 73 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 Celsius.

Puntarenas Weather in June

The Pacific cruise port of Puntarenas also has heavy rains, but the total isn’t quite as bad as Limón.

Average rainfall climbs from eight inches in May to nine inches in June, according to the Costa Rica National Meteorological Institute. The total days with rain climbs as well from 19 to 21.

Puntarenas is usually warmer than Limón. Average high temperatures peak in the mid 90s Fahrenheit during the winter but drop in June to about 90 Fahrenheit or 32 Celsius. The average low temperature in June is 75 Fahrenheit or 24 Celsius.

The country’s capital at San Jose in the interior is closer to Puntarenas than Limón, so it has similar weather to Puntarenas. Rainfall averages 11 inches in June, up from about nine inches in May.

The average high temperature in San Jose in June is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 Celsius. The average low is 62 Fahrenheit or 17 Celsius.

Anyone who wants to visit Costa Rica on a cruise or for a longer overnight vacation should avoid the country’s weather in June. Limón is best in March and Puntarenas is best from December through April.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
May 16, 2024

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