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Trinidad Tourist Attractions and Things to Do

Favorite Trinidad attractions include its famous festivals, especially Carnival, a two-day showcase of color, dance and music that takes place every February.

1) Festivals

Hotels on the island are limited, so book well in advance to attend Carnival. The Tobago Heritage Festival takes place from mid-July to early August. Divali is a Hindu festival during October and November.

2) Port-of-Spain and Vicinity

Trinidad attractions include Fort George, built by the British in 1804; Port-of-Spain Museum, which outlines the city’s history; the Magnificent Seven, which are seven noteworthy buildings that represent colonial architecture; the Botanical Gardens, established in 1818; the President’s House, formerly home of the colonial governor and now home to the nation’s president; and the National Museum, established in 1892.

3) Caves and Mud Volcanoes

The most popular cave system is the Gasparee Caves on Gasparee Island. Others include Aripo Caves, Oropouche Cavern and Tamana Caves. Trinidad also has a large number of mud volcanoes, which are mud puts pushed out by methane gas and which sometimes project the mud high into the air. Examples are the Piparo mud volcano at 365 feet high, the Digity at 20 feet high and the Lamoshell, which trickles out mud that spreads over a wide area.

4) Waterfalls

Trinidad may have the most waterfalls in the entire Caribbean. Maracas Waterfalls is about 300 feet high and reachable after a 1.5-mile hike. Rincon is 250 feet high. Marianne is a 30-minute hike, while Paria takes 90 minutes. Other falls include Sobo, Rampanalgas, Rio Seco, Matura, Turure, Blue Basin, Edith, among others.

5) Eco-Tourism

Trinidad and Tobago has 430 bird species, 108 different mammals, 55 reptiles, 25 amphibians and 617 types of butterflies. Most of Trinidad’s Northern Range has limestone caves. A good starting point is the Aripo Caves, which is home to oilbirds. Another popular hiking trail takes about 90 minutes from the north coast village of Blanchisseuse to Paria Beach. The Salybia and Rio Seco trail goes to a waterfall and emerald green pool called Rio Seco.

6) Tobago

Travelers can get to the nearby island of Tobago directly via international flight, a local flight from Trinidad or by ferry between Port of Spain and Scarborough, the largest town in Tobago. Like Trinidad, Tobago has many beaches and opportunities for hiking and other eco tourism activities.

7) Snorkeling and Diving

Tobago is surrounded by rich and colourful reefs with 300 species of South Atlantic coral and more than 600 species of fish. The island is also internationally recognised for its drift dives. Tobago is also home to the Nylon Pool, a warm shallow area in the middle of the Buccoo Reef.

8) Eight Golf Courses

Trinidad is home to six golf courses and Tobago has two. Trinidad courses include Petrotrin Pointe-a-Pierre Golf Club, an 18 hole, USGA-rated par 70 golf course that is 6,195 yards. The other 18-hole courses are St. Andrews and Millennium Lakes Golf and Country Club, while nine-hole courses are available at Usine Ste. Madeline, Brechin Castle and Chaguaramas.

Tobago’s two championship 18 hole golf courses are Mount Irvine Golf Course and Tobago Plantations Golf Course. Both clubs rent equipment and offer professional coaching.

9) Turtle Watching

From May to September, hundreds of marine turtles nest each night on the beaches of Trinidad. The five species that nest there are the Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley. Leatherback adults range in size from 600 to 2,000 pounds.

10) Shopping

Arcade malls in Port-of-Spain are located on Charlotte, Henry and Frederick streets. In San Fernando, south Trinidad’s main shopping district, they are located on High Street. The main shopping area for central Trinidad is the town of Chaguanas and arcades line the Chaguanas Main Road.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.
February 17, 2020