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Best Trinidad Beaches

Trinidad beach
Trinidad beach; © Trinidad and Tobago Tourism
Development Company Ltd

Trinidad, a highly industrialised Caribbean nation, is located at the north-eastern cost of South America, just outside Venezuela. Not only is Trinidad known for its copious oil reservoirs, but for its excellent beaches for swimming and lounging in the sun.

The beaches located at different points along the coast offer quite different experiences. In general, the majority of beaches are quite stunning and offer wonderful tropical sunsets complete with the charm of gentle sea breeze.  Still, we will be providing a well thought out list of the all-time best beaches in Trinidad.

Maracas Bay: Maracas Bay is a wonderful beach that is widely regarded as the best beach in Trinidad. While this does suggest that there are numerous wonderful features on offer, this also implies that the beach can be extremely crowded, especially on weekends.

Another point of note is that the currents here can become quite strong. The fact that the beach is popular also means that there are numerous snack bars and other amenities.

Balandra Bay: Balandra Bay is located on Trinidad’s north eastern coast, off Valencia Road near Salybia. Like Maracas, the beach tends to be crowded, especially on weekends. Balandra offers excellent surfing and swimming conditions, rivalling some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Salibea Bay: Salibea also offers excellent swimming and snorkelling conditions. In fact, other water sports are often enjoyed at this beach. While the weekends tend to see a lot of visitors at the beach, the weekdays often leave the area quiet, calm and relaxing.

Las Cuevas Bay: Las Cuevas is also located along the north coast. In fact, it’s just about seven miles east of Maracas Bay. Still, this bay is more sheltered than Maracas and is therefore calmer. The name “Las Cuevas” is derived from the Spanish word for caves as there are many caves on this beach. Unlike most of the beaches mentioned here, this is a quiet beach where you will very seldom find crowds.

Moreover, Las Cuevas offers an irresistible setting that often yields breath-taking pictures and memorable experiences. The water is clear and provides excellent swimming with waves reaching to 0.82m / 3ft. This beach is especially great for couples looking to spend some time alone.

Blanchisseuse Bay: Located on North Coast Road, just beyond the Arima turnoff, like Las Cuevas, Blanchisseuse Bay is a wonderful beach for couples. With a calm nature, there are many spots that are suited for romantic picnics, long walks on the beach, etc. In recent years Blanchisseuse has become a popular weekend getaway, with holiday homes springing up in increasing numbers.

There is also a freshwater lagoon here. As one can imagine, the warmth of the sea mixed with the alluring freshness of the lagoon positions Blanchisseuse Bay as one of the most enjoyable and serene beaches in Trinidad.

Trinidad’s beaches are plenty and wonderful. For many tourists, it’s best to travel either to all the beaches along a particular section of the coast or travel to the best beaches along the entire island. Whatever the choice, however, it’s quite unlikely that anyone will be disappointed with the variety of choices and wonderful experience that Trinidad will have to offer.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.
February 17, 2020