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5 Noteworthy Trinidad-Tobago Restaurants

Trinidad restaurants
Credit: Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company

Whether it’s a classic culinary temple or a local haunt, Trinidad and Tobago’s top restaurants are destinations in and of themselves. Read on to discover some picks for the best dining experiences within the twin island republic.


Chaud, the brainchild of veteran chef Khalid Mohammed is an interesting mixture if style and substance. Located in Queen’s Park W, Port of Spain, Chaud is set in a restored house opposite a small savannah.

The interior adorned with beautiful local art is complemented by an environment offering expansive views of Port of Spain’s largest park. Indeed, Chaud is extravagant in every way, from the menu selections to the overall look and feel of the place. 

There is an obsession with uniqueness and freshness here. Although the prices are high, it’s worth a visit for a special romantic evening.


Conveniently located in Belmont, Port of Spain, Apsara is an upscale Indian eatery known for its unique and authentic Indian dishes. Indeed, Aspara is one of the few in Trinidad restaurants that features genuine Indian cuisine and not the local version.

“Apsara” literally means the “celestial dancer”.  The menu is quite exhaustive; the Husseini boti kebab (lamb marinated in poppy seeds and masala) is said to be an excellent choice, lauded for its unique taste.

Along with the food, Aspara is complete with a beautiful and rather inviting setting as well, with its terra-cotta interior decorated with hand-painted interpretations of Moghul art.


The brainchild of Calabrian chef Angelo Cofone, Angelo’s is an upscale restaurant located in Woodbrook, Port of Spain. Offering a wide variety of gourmet Italian choices, Angelo’s is regarded as one of the most authentic restaurants within the capital city, popular with locals and visiting businesspeople alike.

Although from the outside the restaurant looks like a typical house, the interior transforms into a formal area. Angelo’s has an innovative Italian menu that changes regularly and there’s always a daily special.

Open for a casual lunch or elegant dinner, Angelo’s offers that personal touch with some of the owner’s family members serving tables.

Kawiwak Village Restaurant

Located at Crown Point in Tobago, Kawiwak Village Restaurant is a spot for a quiet, romantic evening. The romantic, candlelit setting is complemented by recorded steel-band music playing gently in the background.

Indeed, this little spot lives up well to its name, tucked away in a bamboo pavilion that resembles an Amerindian round hut. But the setting is clean, warm and quite inviting.

Whatever the dish, it will often be full of herbs and vegetables picked from an organic garden. Be sure to try the homemade ice cream and the rather potent cocktails. On Saturdays, they often go buffet style with live jazz or calypso, completing the picture of a Tobagonian highlight.

Zanzibar by the Sea

Dining by the sea is a fantasy of so many travellers. Zanzibar caters to just that. This restaurant prides itself in sea views and fun foods to enjoy with a margarita or other inviting cocktails.

The menu is not as eclectic as the other choices mentioned here, but there is a distinct Tobagonian touch to everything and an emphasis on local ingredients. Despite the exotic name, Zanzibar is a garden variety, familiar place that feels more like a casual dinner at home.
Designed with a relaxed, casual atmosphere, this restaurant is an option for outings and even romantic dinners of a more upbeat nature. Though there is a bar atmosphere, the menu does offer a few interesting dishes including crispy buffalo fries and their spicy shrimp wrap.

Deciding what to eat next is a difficult thing to do in Trinidad.  There are so many and varied choices, from upscale fine dining hangouts to intimate family-run establishments. Whichever the choice, Trinidadian warmth and hospitality will overwhelm diners and the food will be something to speak of well after their travels.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.
February 17, 2020