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Best and Worst Months to Visit Grenada

Grenada sailing
Grenada is sunny most of the year; credit: Grenada Board of Tourism
The best time to visit Grenada is usually March and April when temperatures are warm and the risk of rain is low. But there are other best and worst months to visit.

Grenada's climate is typical of almost all Caribbean islands -- warm all year round.

It has some of the most predictable temperatures of any Caribbean island. Temperatures vary little from month to month, even during the winter.

But it also has some of the highest rainfall of any Caribbean island, especially during the Caribbean hurricane season.

Grenada sometimes will appear on the itineraries of eastern Caribbean cruises. Cruise planners should know more about what to expect with climate. Let's look at all of the best and worst times to go.

Coast and Mountain Weather

First, it is important to note that weather in Grenada varies according to altitude. The island has a mountainous topography, making weather conditions vary according to where people are and not necessarily so much what time of year it is.

Around the coastline, the weather is typically hot and humid. Towards the interior of the island, temperatures tend to increase.

Being a mountainous island, it is important to note that regardless of the season, light rains often fall in the mountainous and forested areas of Grenada.

Average daytime temperatures range from the low 80s Fahrenheit in the winter to the high 80s in the summer. Nighttime temperatures range stay in the low 70s Fahrenheit.

Rainy Season

Grenada's seasons are typically measured by rainfall rather than temperature.

The dry season falls between February and May, when showers are few and sporadic.

The rainy season falls between June and December, when conditions are more humid and Grenada experiences some heavy rainfall. This period also tends to see numerous rainstorms accompanied by high winds. Anyone who visits during these muggy months should go prepared with appropriate gear.


Like most Caribbean islands, Grenada is at the mercy of hurricanes that find themselves in Caribbean waters. In fact, Grenada lies on the edge of the hurricane belt, so the island can be affected by bad weather and storms.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean goes from June to November. The rainy season in Grenada goes from June through December. Rainfall reaches the highest point of the year in October and November.

While hurricane threats are usually rare, visitors should check their weather advisory before they travel if they are visiting within the season.

February through May are the best times to visit Grenada. October through January are the worst.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.

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April 08, 2020
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