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Best of Aruba Shore Excursions

The Baby Bridge is a common stop on best of Aruba shore excursions. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license
The Baby Bridge is a common stop on best of Aruba shore excursions. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license
Cruise lines that offer best of Aruba shore excursions have an easy time entertaining their passengers.

The small, oblong-shaped island of Aruba is only about 70 square miles. At 21 miles long and between two and eight miles wide, an excursion bus can cover the most well-known attractions on the entire island in a matter of hours.

But a good tour of Aruba doesn't include only the attractions. It also includes some time on Aruba's famous white-sand beaches.

A typical tour that includes a beach visit takes four to five hours and costs around $45 to $70 for adults with a discount for children. Actual costs depend on the cruise line and sailing date.

Some local and national tour operators offer the island tour without a beach visit. These tours take less time and cost less as well, with some as low as $40 to $50.

A typical excursion will begin and end at the capital city of Oranjestad, where the cruise docks are located. It will go onto such attractions as the California Lighthouse, the Casibari Rock formations, the collapsed Natural Bridge, and the Baby Natural Bridge.

Other possible tour stops include the Alto Vista Chapel, Ayo Rock Formation and the Aloe Vera Factory and Museum. Excursion buses will drive through the desert-like Arikok National Park to reach the natural bridges and rock formations.

Tour guides will explain the human history of Aruba, which dates back to the original Indian settlers.

Some cruises include about one to two hours on one of the most popular beaches, either Eagle or Palm.

This tour is best done in the morning if it ends with a visit to the beach. The Aruba interior gets extremely hot during the day, so visiting the attractions will feel more comfortable in the morning.

Cruise lines that include a best of Aruba tour include Royal Caribbean, Princess and Carnival.
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November 01, 2018
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